Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Constitutional Council validates the budget – The World

The Constitutional Council validates the budget – The World

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That’s done. The government ended the year on a high note with validation in their near entirety by the Constitutional Council, Monday, December 29, of the Finance Act 2015 and the Amended Finance Act for 2014. Of the 239 items included these two texts, only seven minor provisions were deemed unconstitutional or because they had no place in a budget law – called “budgetary riders” – or because they were poorly drafted and did not respect the principle of “intelligibility” of the law.

For the government, the key is that its economic assumptions were considered “sincere” and the savings measures and the most emblematic tax provisions have been validated. The opposition parliamentarians who had seized the Constitutional Council challenged including lower allocations to local authorities, levies on working capital of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the expected outstanding resources to the defense budget sale of radio frequencies – which some consider unlikely before the end of 2015 – or the surtax on second homes and 50% increase in the tax on retail space of over 2500 m 2 . None of their grievances, echoing the complaints of persistent pressure groups, has been upheld, the impugned sections do not pose difficulties constitutio …


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