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Snow: Savoie, blocked vehicles, an emergency plan, and … – The World

Snow: Savoie, blocked vehicles, an emergency plan, and … – The World

Close to Albertville, on 27 December.

Read: Snow: 19 departments in amber alert, the state calls to postpone travel

A hotline (08 11 00 06 73) of the Prefecture of Savoie used to inform motorists on what to do and the availability of emergency accommodation. The people stranded on roads in great distress may also contact 112.


For 17 h 30, the prefecture of Savoie urged motorists “to stop as early as possible” in the region to “to seek lodging for the night” . In the evening, almost 10 000 places were available on the department, in forty municipalities for those who continued the way.

Albertville, one of the municipalities affected by the plan Home, the municipal hall Pierre-du-Roy located not far from the RN 90 leading to Moutiers, was gradually filled early evening of people who could not reach the ski resorts. In a friendly atmosphere, families and groups of young people playing cards or talking in the middle of camp beds.

Chambery, the exhibition of the city that can accommodate up to 800 people, been opened. “There is ground to such difficulties” , explained the mayor of Bourg Saint Maurice, Michel Giraudy which the town can offer nearly 1000 beds.

“people gripe”

Further south, the Hautes-Alpes prefecture also opened several hundred beds under emergency accommodation including Gap or Briançon.

But many motorists should expect to spend the night in their car because the road network was still “saturated” Saturday night – 21 to 30 pm, disruption and delays were still reported by Traffic monitoring on the A43 and A40.

60 000 vehicles was announced in the day, in both directions of movement, in Savoy which nearly 37,000 alone Tarentaise valley. Part of Chateau-Gaillard (Ain) around 8 am Saturday morning, a family from the suburbs of Lille, was still blocked 5 km from Moutiers little after 21 hours. “All cars are blocked. People moan “, testified Marc Anthony, 15.


Heavy Falls Snow added an unexpected episode of freezing rain which resulted in several accidents, all combined with the crossover travelers to or from the ski resorts, according to the prefecture caused the “very important and lasting difficulties” .

“Only vehicles equipped with chain will continue to grow, especially to the stations, the other to interrupt their journey. The gendarmerie and the national police inform users, including barriers tolls “, said the Interior Ministry Saturday.

The cold and snow is expected to continue Sunday Weather France warning against a “significant refreezing” in the night, which will make them slippery roads. The 19 counties already in amber alert (Ain, Aisne, Ardennes, Côte-d’Or, Doubs, Isere, Jura, Haute-Marne, Haute-Saône, Marne, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, North, Lower Rhine, Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Territoire de Belfort, Vosges) will remain also a part of the day.


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