Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GREECE. The cargo ship “in difficulty” off Corfu has finally … – The Obs

GREECE. The cargo ship "in difficulty" off Corfu has finally … – The Obs

The inspection by the Greek authorities of the cargo, which was presented as exceptional Tuesday, December 30, off the island of Corfu, revealed that the boat did not know any problem and that he would continue his journey.

A frigate, a helicopter of the Greek Navy and two patrol the port police were dispatched to the scene to rescue the freighter Blue Sky million, beating Moldovan flag after a distress call, which was passed via a mobile phone, the emergency number 112, s ccording correspondent in Athens “Telegraph” Bruno Waterfield. An unusual call because it is not radio the freighter that would have been used.

According to Greek media, “The Telegraph”, between 400 and 700 illegal immigrants were aboard the ship and armed men.

“Nothing suspicious on the boat”

However, it eventually proved that there was “no problem (mechanical) and nothing suspicious on the boat, “said the head of the press office of the port police. The inspection was therefore not confirmed the presence of undocumented migrants on the boat.

Strong winds of 49km / h blowing in the region, according to the port police.

It is in the same area, off Corfu, between Greece and Italy, the ferry Norman Atlantic caught fire Sunday with almost 400 people on board, including at least ten died. A huge rescue operation was launched since Sunday, led by the Italian maritime authorities, Greek and Albanian.


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