Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weather: cold and snowy Sunday orange alert part … – TF1

Weather: cold and snowy Sunday orange alert part … – TF1

The situation will not improve. While 19 departments are still orange alert Snow and sleet, Weather France Sunday ad for temperatures down after a “significant refreezing” in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The cold weather will continue throughout France.

The departments involved in the alert will be like Saturday those of Franche-Comté and Lorraine, and the Ain (01) Aisne (02) The Ardennes (08), Côte-d’Or (21) Isère (38), the Marne (51), Haute-Marne (52), North (59), Bas-Rhin (67 ), Savoy (73) and Haute-Savoie (74). Météo France also warned against a “significant refreezing” on wet soils in the night and Sunday morning, the roads can then be slippery.

The orange alert should be finished around 16h

The orange alert should be phased according to the department in the day Sunday, and should be finished around 16h, several remaining regions covered by the snow but then tilting yellow vigilance, said Meteo France AFP.

The afternoon snowfall will become very sparse in the East and will shift between the Massif Central and Rhone Alps but will persist until the evening of the Pyrenees from 300 m above sea level. It will be cold throughout the country, accentuated by a sensation north wind moderate or strong enough on the coast of the Channel and the Atlantic and in the mountains.

Temperatures sharply lower

The sky will be variable in the West with thunderstorms chilling, and possible showers on the Aquitaine coast. Near the Mediterranean and the Rhone Valley, Mistral and Tramontane emerge partially heaven. The gusts will be close to 100 km / h, even a little more on the caps. In Corsica, the north wind blow strong and accompanied by heavy showers and it will snow soon 500m.

Temperatures will be sharply lower. The minimum will range from -7 to -3 degrees on a large half, neighbors from 0 to the west and barely positive near the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast. The maximum will go from -2 to +2 degrees usually 4-8 Southwest to Brittany and Languedoc, up to 11 degrees on the French Riviera, 10 to 13 of the Corsican coastline.


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