Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Joue-les-Tours: the police were in self-defense – TF1

Joue-les-Tours: the police were in self-defense – TF1

The police acted in self-defense. This is the message of attorney of the Republic of Tours who had announced the day before “an intermediate point-Press to cut short the rumors.”

“As it stands, the police witnesses and civil (present at the facts, ie) say the same thing, that the attack (police by Mr. Nzohabonayo, note) was immediate, “Mr. Beck said, who also stated that all the facts had occurred” inside the airlock “input station. He further said that Bertrand Nzohabonayo went spontaneously only at the entrance of the police station he shook the door before a security assistant will come and open it and do it into the porch, and that it was not the subject of any proceedings or convening at the time.

Call for witnesses

The prosecutor has called all the witnesses who had not yet done so to manifest quickly from police services. “I am willing to investigate any element we would like to inform me and which would go against what I have said so far,” he said. “I will make every effort to ensure that this investigation be most rigorously conducted and calmly as possible,” he added. “It is extremely unpleasant to have unfounded eyewitness circulating so that it is a serious matter.”
Asked about the fact that Mr. Nzohabonayo have screamed or not “Allaouh Akhbar” when facts, the prosecutor, who is in charge of the investigation into the circumstances of his death while countering Paris prosecutor investigating his possible terrorist nature, responded that he could “neither deny nor deny” on this point, outside of its jurisdiction.
Finally, the prosecutor stated that there was CCTV cameras either inside or o utside the police station. “Obviously I would have preferred to have,” he said.

Doubts persist

The lawyer for the family of Mr. Nzohabonayo, Me Jérémie Assous, which s’ Tours is expressed to the press immediately after the prosecutor nevertheless considered that the clarification did not raise doubts about what really happened.
“How is it that ten days of witnesses people the facts, who have extremely important explanations, have still not been heard, “was he asked. “Today after the press conference (the prosecutor, ed) the only items that were collected are in line with the official version.”
Or “there are other elements that contradict” this version , he reiterated, calling the prosecutor as those with items to bring into the course of events to come forward with the judicial police.
“Satisfied” remarks of the prosecutor corroborating the first elements of the investigation of self-defense, the Regional Secretary of Alliance National Police Lilian DEMASY interviewed on sit e was also called witnesses who have a different version to “move” and “come to the prosecutor.”


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