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A Lievin, a tribute to the working class Valls – The Obs

A Lievin, a tribute to the working class Valls – The Obs

Lievin (AFP) – Manuel Valls paid tribute Saturday to the working class, which helped to “build France” and “advancing History”, during the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the mine disaster Lievin (Pas-de-Calais).

There are 40, December 27, 1974, to return to work after the Christmas break, a gas explosion at 6:30 carries 42 men down to the pit Six Furrows in Lievin. This is the largest mining disaster in France after the war, when the coal is already on the decline.

Once in Lievin shortly after 11:00, the Prime Minister lit a tribute to flame victims, accompanied by Salvator Ranieri, last survivor of the disaster. The names of the 42 victims were then read, while children deposited on a platform portraits of each missing child.

To honor the memory of the victims, “it is also a duty to fulfill all workers mines that, for nearly three centuries, have made France a great nation, a great industrial nation, “said Prime Minister has laid a wreath at the monument honoring the miners.

MR. Valls welcomed more generally, the “working class.” “Yes, the workers held a central place in the destiny of our nation,” he began, continuing rebalancing left of his political speeches began several weeks ago after many statements of love to companies.

“The working world has advanced in history. Through its participation in the economic plan of our country, of course. Through importantly, the awareness of himself, his struggles trade, social, political, “said the head of government, recalling that France still had” more than 6 million workers. “

” The French left, socialism, syndicalism were built with the fighting, “said the Prime Minister, for whom the workers have” taken their full part in the economic and social progress “and” France built the “

-. FN conquer Earth –

He praised the future account hardship, “a major social advance”, slammed by the MEDEF, which can meet “new risks” as night work or “3-8″. “It is a measure of social justice. It will be implemented,” stressed the Prime Minister.

Mr. Valls also wished to “reaffirm the industrial future of France” against the “labor unrest”, fed by unemployment, the decline of public services or the “lack of recognition of the effort.” Mr. Valls described the area where the FN collects among his best scores, as “a land of immigration”, a “land of solidarity, fraternity” where “extreme do not have their place.”

traditionally left Earth, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais now switches to the National Front, which makes it a land of conquest for the upcoming regional elections. European May 2014, the list led by Marine Le Pen came in first in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais (over 35% of the votes).

Manuel Valls also stressed the initiatives aimed energize the north “rehabilitation of former mining sites, creation of competitive clusters to innovate in the areas of transport and environmental technologies, opening of the Louvre-Lens Museum …”

At the end of his speech, the Prime Minister visited the Saint-Ame church, stained glass tribute to the victims of the mining disaster.

Before moving Manuel Valls, the North -No-de-Calais had a fortnight’s visit two ministers – Bernard Cazeneuve (Interior) and Emmanuel Macron (Economy) – and the President of the Republic. December 16, Francois Hollande has moved to Lens and Boulogne-sur-Mer to defend its urban renewal plan.


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