Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VIDEOS. Center Parcs: justice suspends construction Roybon – Le Parisien

VIDEOS. Center Parcs: justice suspends construction Roybon – Le Parisien

December 23 2014, 3:21 p.m. | Updated: December 23 2014, 4:49 p.m.

The judge found that doubts existed on “the adequacy of the measures in the order to compensate for the destruction of wetlands project implementation the qu’entraînera “such destruction is one of the reasons mobilization of opponents to the project.

The rejection of a single order blocking the construction

Similarly, the judge “considered that there was doubt about the legality” of the first arrested “because of the lack of referral to the National Commission for public debate on the draft” Center Park “, which is mandatory for tourist facilities estimated to cost in excess of € 300 million.” However, the judge rejected three appeals for a second order, issued October 16, 2014, which authorized the destruction of protected species. The suspension of one of the two referred to simply suspend the clearing.

VIDEO. Artificial wetlands, dams pesticides

The two arrested, challenged by use of four associations, had acted as a green light to the start of work. One approves proposed under the Water Act, while the other leads to the destruction of fifty protected species or their habitat.

Initiated on 20 October, the clearing has already covered 40 hectares of forest. But it was blocked since early December by militants “zadistes” occupying a house near the site.

VIDEO. Center Parcs Roybon: the zadistes occupy the land (December 7)

parralèlle project the support of events were also organized.

INTERACTIVE MAP. Contested projects
Credits: Clementine Maligorne and Henry BOISSEGUIN

VIDEO. Center Parcs Roybon: Ségolène Royal does not aim to replace the elected

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