Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cold wave in France: six dead – The Obs

Cold wave in France: six dead – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Three dead in Paris, one on the French Riviera, one in the Aveyron and another in the North: the cold wave that hits much of France has killed at least six homeless, despite a strengthening of the capacities of the poor.

A 50 year old man was found Sunday evening in Paris by the emergency services in a state of hypothermia on a square twelfth arrondissement. An autopsy is underway but, according to the mayor of Paris, it is “manifestly” died because of the cold.

Two other homeless people, who had taken refuge in a squat in Seine-et-Marne to protect freezing temperatures, have died in a fire Tuesday morning, presumably after trying to make a fire, police said.

Rodez, a homeless 42-year Belgian was found dead Tuesday noon in a yard where he had taken shelter. Even the French Riviera is not spared in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, the body of another homeless Belgian 46 years was found Sunday in his tent, announced Tuesday the prefecture. “The cold, combined with alcohol” and an icy wind seem to cause of death.

The day before, a 29-year, according to the prefecture, had repeatedly declined the ” hosting proposals “SAMU Social, was found lifeless in Douai, in the North.

The expected drop in temperatures and the establishment of an orange level of vigilance in different departments has led many cities to increase their emergency accommodation possibilities.

The prefecture of Paris on Tuesday opened 50 new places for the families in the east of the capital.

Ile de-France, 1,454 seats are available including 752 in Paris. North Prefecture has set up 300 accommodation places in addition to the existing 11,600 throughout the year.

Gironde, 860 accommodation places are open for occupancy 93%. In Toulouse, the town has triggered the opening of 72 emergency beds in two municipal structures, which hosted a total of 51 people on the night of Monday to Tuesday. According to the head of one of the centers, some homeless people prefer to go in squats where they do not have to bend the rules of emergency shelter, like getting up at 6:00 for example.

– ‘-5 ° C is expected to open spaces’ and more –

The number of homeless in France has “exploded” (+ 44%) in 11 years in medium and large cities ., with 112,000 homeless, including 31,000 children, reported in 2012, according to the latest study by the INSEE published in November

And the places abound: in November, 17,000 people have called 115 in 37 departments More than 9,000 remain unresolved, according to the barometer of the National Federation of reception and social reintegration (Fnars) released last week.

Florent Gueguen, CEO of Fnars has denounced “a lack of anticipation and preparation by the government.” “We made a management thermometer: we expect it to do -5 ° C to open additional seats while local associations exist and are ready to welcome the public,” he laments


Christophe Louis, president of the association “Dead in the street”, said that there is “death throughout the year,” and asks that “places are not only open during winter but throughout the year. “

The Housing Minister Sylvia Pinel asked the prefects and associations that the open emergency accommodation places in winter are not closed before the end of the truce late March, “even if improved temperatures.”

Asked on Europe 1, the minister lamented “the terrible and tragic situations,” and assured that the Government does stopped “trying to sustain alternative solutions.” “Even if we can only note that these increased resources are insufficient to meet all the demands,” she added.


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