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Nicolas Sarkozy addresses his vows of “gathering” and … – The World

Nicolas Sarkozy addresses his vows of "gathering" and … – The World

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Nicolas Sarkozy on December 13 in Paris.

The message is clear: the year 2015 will be that of Nicolas Sarkozy to rally his political family and the French. In a video posted on Facebook and realized as a campaign video, the new president of the UMP wants his wishes to his countrymen since his party office. A statement where activists speak before leaving the former president speak.

“Nothing is possible without the gathering of everyone together we can build the alternative for France. I want to tell all our members to our friends, to all those who trust in us, that this gathering and this union were on. Nothing will question them “ says Sarkozy


In a little more than two minutes, the word ” gathering “ and ” gather “ are pronounced nine times. Perhaps a reference to the new name of the party that should be unveiled in January. But also a willingness to “appeasement” from the new president of the UMP in 2016 while the primary is already in everyone’s minds. Its main competitors are accelerating their campaign in 2015. The mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, will begin a series of thematic trips in the month of January.

Attracting new members

Nicolas Sarkozy to prepare collective maturity, including departmental elections in March and regional December. It must also upgrade its advantage by providing it with new statutes in the study that should be voted by the militants during a re-founding congress in April 2015. A series of thematic conventions should help build the foundations of a program to to prepare for the presidential election in 2017.

“The French have asked us to prepare the conditions for alternation. Why? Because they realized that globalization is a fact that nobody would be above and must modernize our country for businesses to be competitive, that young people want to succeed in their country which is theirs for the school trains young people for tomorrow’s world, not the world of yesterday “, says the former head of state by taking one of its major autumn campaign themes. During his meetings, Sarkozy often mentioned the departure of young French abroad.

One of the largest projects of the new president of the UMP will expand its base activist. He promised that the party would exceed the 500 000 members in 2017, while the number of militants is currently about 210 000. tracks are being considered to attract new troops.

Personal Ambiitions

“2015 is the year of work in the service of the French. All those who wish to participate are welcome (…). That at least this time the holidays is a moment of calm where everyone ends up in the universe that trusted him (sic) , that is to say, the family universe. Happy New Year 2015. My best wishes are with you “, he says in this video tour before leaving on vacation in Morocco.

After his 2012 presidential campaign, during which he had revived the notion of borders, and after tough internal campaign for the presidency of the UMP, this fall, Nicolas Sarkozy has chosen to play the “gathering” and “appeasement” to take her vows “warmest” . Two notions had also chosen to highlight Hollande to differentiate itself from its rival in 2012 …

Since his election on 29 November, the new president of the UMP received his main rivals and found a balance by appointing their relatives in the flowchart. For personal ambitions will put a strain on the right in the coming months. On his blog, Mr Juppe also wished his wishes by turning resolutely towards the future as well. “It is my hope that together we in 2015, 2016, 2017 … good years for France” , writes the mayor of Bordeaux.


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