Friday, December 26, 2014

VIDEO. SNCF announces increased 2.6% rate – FranceTV info

VIDEO. SNCF announces increased 2.6% rate – FranceTV info

From Wednesday, December 31, ticket prices will increase. SNCF announced a rate increase to 2.6% maximum. A new which is a bombshell from users. “One wonders if they will not laugh at a few of us,” is launching a user.

“It can not make us happy, especially that there are not that train fares rise, there is every increasing steadily. There is an impoverishment of the middle classes” , protested another.

The increase will vary depending on the route and ticket type. This complexity of tariffs particularly annoys travelers. “We pay the same to 36,000 different prices, it amazes me somewhere” , says a traveler.

TGV tickets, TER and Intercity are affected by this increase price. However, the rates are the same for discount cards, subscriptions and Prem’s tickets. According to the SNCF, the rising prices is necessary for the modernization of the network. It comes a year after an increase of 3% due to the increase in VAT. The management promises to multiply reductions in 2015 with a million additional tickets at discounted rates.


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