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Couple attacked in Créteil: Third suspect arrested in Saint-Etienne – Le Parisien

Couple attacked in Créteil: Third suspect arrested in Saint-Etienne – Le Parisien

With Fanny Delporte | December 24 2014, 11:07 | Updated: December 24 2014 24:22

He was wanted since early December. A man suspected of involvement in anti-Semitic aggression of a couple at home, in Créteil (Val-de-Marne), was arrested in the early evening in Saint-Etienne (Loire), revealed the iTélé Wednesday.

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This man of 22, whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested by police without resistance during a traffic control.

“This is the third man who was still looking and which was the subject of an arrest warrant,” said the lawyer of the family, Séverine Benayoun Parisien. He is suspected of involvement in the assault and kidnapping of a young couple in Creteil, on December 1 in the Port area. Their apartment had been burglarized, the young woman had been raped. The attackers had told them that they had attacked them because they were Jews.

Two alleged perpetrators have since been arrested and remanded in custody, indicted for violence “in because of religious affiliation “and” conspiracy “. The two men directly involved in the burglary were also charged with robbery with weapons, extortion, kidnapping and gang rape.

The young man arrested Tuesday would always be in custody at the central police station in Saint-Etienne. It must be recovered in the day by the departmental service of the judicial police in the Val-de-Marne.

The mother of Jonathan “relieved”

When contacted by Le Parisien, the mother of Jonathan, the young man attacked, expressed his “relief “. “If this is true it is a good news,” she said, adding that his family was still “very disturbed”.

The individual was still in custody at the central police station in Saint-Etienne this morning, but it had to be recovered in the day by the Departmental Service of Judicial Police (SDPJ) of Val-de- Marne and transferred.

VIDEO. The testimony of Jonathan victim of aggression in Créteil

VIDEO. The testimony of the brother of one of the victims

In the wake of the attack, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, denounced a “cowardly and heinous aggression “and a” grave situation (…) as well anti-Semitic acts increased by 90% in France in recent months. ” He had called to make the fight against these facts “great national cause”.

VIDEO. Cazeneuve: the fight against anti-Semitism, “national cause”

Testimony of Simon El Maleh, a victim of anti-Semitic attack

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