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Unemployment: record number of job seekers in November – Le Parisien

Unemployment: record number of job seekers in November – Le Parisien

December 24 2014, 11:11 | Updated: December 24 2014, 3:48 p.m.

It is not enough to avoid scathing criticism from the right and part of the left, but Manuel Valls had prepared the ground by Tuesday expressed fears about unemployment.

On the same subject

The numbers did not lie. In November, 27,400 new job seekers (category A) were identified. A figure up 0.8% compared to October.

According to the figures given Wednesday by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the number of unemployed with no activity s’ totaled 3,488,300, a new record which the government would probably be fine. In one year, the increase was 5.8%.

Outremer understood, and including those who exercised a small (Class B and C), the increase was 0.4% (+ 22 100), for a total of 5.17 million in France and 5.47 million with Outremer. Over a full year, the increase reached 6%. Since his arrival at the Elysee Palace in May 2012, François Hollande had only three months of falling unemployment.

The most affected seniors

This new explosion of unemployment affects all age groups: 0.5% for youth under 25 years of age and above 1.0% in those over 50 years. In one year, the increase is thus continuing elderly (11.1%). In a statement, François Rebsamen, the Minister of Labour wishes to emphasize that “the increase is more limited for young people, again highlighting the positive impact of future jobs.”

The Minister retains also that the figures for the unemployed in category B and C are slightly down (- 0.1% and – 0.5% respectively). And François Rebsamen recalled that “improving the economic situation in 2015 will be accompanied by pursuing a policy against the offensive unemployment.”

It also highlights the new convention-state Unedic-employment center which should improve the support for the unemployed, including long-term, while 2.2 million job seekers, including those who had a small business, are registered for more than one year . He also mentioned the measures to be implemented early 2015 to promote the maintenance or integration into employment, such as “445,000 assisted contracts”, the “implementation of staff training account” and “the dynamics of the Covenant responsibility and solidarity “.

VIDEO. New record number of unemployed in November

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