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A president or dissolution for Greece – The World

A president or dissolution for Greece – The World

The Greek parliament on 17 December.

If Stavros Dimas, the candidate as President of the Republic Prime Minister Antonis Samaras does not get at least 180 votes, Parliament will be dissolved mechanically and early parliamentary elections will be held, probably on January 25 or 1 st February

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At noon local time, 11 hours in France, the 300 MPs will rise each turn the call to say their names to choose “Dimas” , or simply “present” . In the second case, they will mean their opposition, at least Dimas in the prosecution of the austerity policy that weighs four years on the Greeks, under the coalition government between the right and the socialist Conservative Antonis Samaras. The result should be known an hour later.

SAMARAS resigned

Nothing is gained for Mr. Dimas, former European Commissioner which, in the second round, Tuesday 23 December, received only 168 votes.

Mr. Samaras has also appeared resigned Saturday in New Hellenic Radio Internet TV (Nerit), public television, ensuring “have done and still do everything in its power” to avoid Such elections

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Spyros Lykoudis, independent MP who voted for Dimas Tuesday 23 December, is not optimistic. “Unless a surprise, unless a party changes its position, I do not think Parliament will elect a President [Monday]” , has he said Sunday at Reuters. “Nothing can be ruled out, but the parties are preparing anyway parliamentary elections. “

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the party antiaustérité Syriza, the Greek Parliament on 23 December.

The party of the radical left Syriza, which wants to renegotiate the terms of the international financial aid to Greece by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, is leading in the polls with according an Alco poll released Saturday, 28.3% against 25% for New Democracy party Samaras.

The prospect of the coming to power of the party concerned Syriza antiaustérité creditors. The Athens Stock Exchange yielded 4.99% at the opening on Monday, just before the last round of presidential elections.


A survey by Kapa Research has shown, however this weekend as the Greeks, in this uncertain period, to 44.1% thought that Mr. Samaras was the best to lead the country, against only 34.4% for Mr. Tsipras

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Alexis Tsipras, the Syriza leader, said Sunday in the newspaper that his party enjoyed growing support in other European countries affected by the crisis.

“In Europe, the sentiment is changing. Everyone gets the idea that Syriza will the government and that new negotiations begin. “

On Saturday, in an interview with newspaper Bild , the German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble, however, warned that ” new elections do not change Greek debt [175% of GDP]. Each new government must respect the agreements made by his predecessors “, he launched the Syriza address.

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