Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Angoulême: anti-homeless benches shock – BBC

Angoulême: anti-homeless benches shock – BBC

A handful of benches from the center of Angoulême (Charente) were sentenced Wednesday by a fence, to discourage the installation of alcoholic homeless, an initiative that has surprised many capita received very mixed reactions.

Nine benches attached to the canopy of a shopping mall on the Champ de Mars, were completely girded by a fence unfriendly, while many other banks, located a few tens of meters, for their part remained accessible.

The municipality (UMP) explained his initiative in consultation with traders because the banks in question were “used almost exclusively by people who engage in recurrent alcohol all day. “

” We would also account grievances of passersby, residents, “said an AFP correspondent Jean Guiton, Deputy in charge of security. Incidents, alcoholic fights involving homeless, sometimes with dogs, were not unusual in recent years on the Champ de Mars.

The elected clarified that the date of installation of the fence, watch Christmas was accidental, and that the measure was part of a “global” device that will include video surveillance, enhanced municipal police, but also a social mediation with SDF, about twenty were accompanied Tuesday activities sports.

He added that the provision “is not final” and could be reassessed once video surveillance in place, if it is effective. According to traders, the initial idea was to fill the fences with greenery, or pebbles.

Still, the benches “caged” attracted a stream of reactions on social networks, or on the website La Charente Libre who revealed the information. Certain users are applauding, others denouncing a “local indignity” at Christmas, and others stressing qu’incivilités, fighting, aggressive begging, “poison the Champ de Mars for years,” but that these “horrible fences” are perhaps not the solution.


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