Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nantes: Holland welcomes the gesture of “brotherhood” of the family of … – Le Point

Nantes: Holland welcomes the gesture of "brotherhood" of the family of … – Le Point

Francois Hollande welcomed Tuesday evening from Saint Pierre and Miquelon the gesture of “brotherhood” of the young man killed in Nantes and parents who accepted the donation. Evoking the tragedy of the Christmas market in Nantes, where a car mowed passers Monday night, the president said: “A young died I had his parents while I was here in Saint-Pierre-et. Miquelon to show our solidarity, that of the whole nation, his parents, the family hit hard. ”

The father of the victim, “said: Our son donated organs, he had planned and we wanted ,” said Francois Hollande , adding: “This is ultimately what we have to keep in mind: even in pain, even in the event, there must to see a value beyond us brotherhood, humanity as young person was able, when he was broke, he was not 25 years. “

” France will never let intimidate “

According to his entourage, the head of state met with the family of the young man around 19: 30 pm French time. “There is here values ​​and these values ​​allow me to say that France will never be intimidated, she does not lose her temper, she will always be vigilant against all acts of racism, anti-Semitism, it will be too eager to defend themselves if attacked, “continued the president.

“Given the chaos facing the insanity is gathering around the values ​​of the Republic, who is our greatest strength, which is our best weapon, and you have repeatedly experienced here in your own story. It is by being united and together, being sure of what we wear as essential values ​​that France will succeed, overcome the hardships she can know, “concluded the head of state.


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