Friday, December 26, 2014

Drama Nantes: the drunk driver had 1.80 grams of alcohol in the blood – Le Point

Drama Nantes: the drunk driver had 1.80 grams of alcohol in the blood – Le Point

The driver that claimed ten pedestrians on the Christmas market on Monday in Nantes, one died, one was 80 g of alcohol per liter of blood during the events, nearly four times the limit, did he do on Friday police source, confirming a report by RTL. This 37-year-old from Charente-Maritime, remained hospitalized Friday morning under police surveillance while waiting to be interrogated in custody by investigators. He was seriously wounded by assenant multiple stab wounds, after hitting the crowd with a white van in the center of Nantes.

One of the pedestrians broke, Virgil, 25, died Tuesday at his injuries and murder for investigation and attempted murder was opened by the prosecutor of Nantes. Counsel for the Republic of Nantes, Brigitte Lamy, had evoked Tuesday alcohol problems of driver who was, apparently, not “followed psychiatrically.” “His condition has deteriorated in recent weeks,” she had said, adding that the man lived alone and had worked in the gardening sector. Toxicological expertise have therefore identified a rate of 1.80 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, while the maximum allowed is 0.5 g.

A notebook was found on board the car after aggression, including “remarks the least confused,” the prosecutor. The man said it “his hatred of society” and mentioned “a risk of being killed by the secret services.” It also states that “family Internet disparaged the” Brigitte Lamy had said, adding that he had filed a complaint on December 12 against his family



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