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VIDEOS. The wishes of policies for 2015 – Le Parisien

VIDEOS. The wishes of policies for 2015 – Le Parisien

December 31 2014, 3:38 p.m. | Updated: December 31 2014, 5:36 p.m.

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Alain Juppé, wishes for 2015 but also for 2017 … As usual, it’s on his blog that the UMP mayor of Bordeaux (Gironde) chose to express themselves. Having made his vows “all French,” the UMP candidate primary for 2017 was “a special thought for those and those, on this website or in other ways, showed me their support and encourage me to continue my business. ” And slides this message while innuendo: “It is my hope that together we in 2015, 2016, 2017 … good years for France.”

Jean-Pierre Raffarin , senator wishes to fifteen. It’s his little ritual. As every year, the UMP Senator of the Vienna publishes (Funny) greeting list. This year there in fifteen formula. In particular, “that Nicolas Sarkozy finds the path to moderate primary anti-Sarkozysme “; “That the president does not exhaust the patience of the French”; “Alain Juppe laced up his boots seven leagues” or “the Poitou inspired by the PS Congress a little tenderness his lambs ” The … tastier, he keeps it to the end, “What Philae (Note: the new labrador Hollande) is set with authority and sincerity, two qualities of a good teacher.”

NKM, coffee Former candidate for mayor of Paris and now leader of the UMP in the City Hall is from a café in the capital Nathalie Kosciusko Morizet sends his greetings to the French. A tackle in Hidalgo, another François Hollande, and more generally to “the left that never ceases to despair the French.” 2015 will, she says, “a year full of challenges” including the opportunity to “take many territorial executive”. All in his new role as vice president of his party, it also warns that “the UMP today must change from top to bottom its organization, its people, its way of generating ideas.” “With a goal of restoring hope.”

VIDEO. Greeting NKM

Anne Hidalgo Mayor primarily “Parisian Parisians …” It was mayor of Paris in his clothes , Anne Hidalgo, who took last March’s estate Bertrand Delanoe at City Hall, presented his wishes. Focused on the policy it wishes to drive in the capital, it evokes in turn the need for “economic recovery in employment service”, “ecological transition”, “solidarity” and the “challenge of democracy. ”

VIDEO. The wishes of Anne Hidalgo

Jerome Guedj, so undercover Policies Election year requires, the President of the General Council Essonne wants to show the face of a “department 100% useful.” Then to his vows in 2015, he has worked hard. To make “tribute to the officers of the departmental service,” Guedj turn donned the costume bus driver, cook, nurse, employee of a nursing home, public works officer, fireman … The figure of left wing of the PS does not hide his fear of the departmental Socialist debacle in March. And struggles to defend the record of the general councils. For, as he was moved there a fortnight ago on France Info: “I do not want to be scanned for reasons that escape me, so we worked seriously and worked in the departments! “

VIDEO. Greeting Jérôme Guedj

François Bayrou, since Pau This city, “a jewel” in his eyes, made his 2014. After many unsuccessful attempts, Francois Bayrou was finally elected mayor of Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), in the municipal of March. It is therefore natural in its stronghold as the boss of the Modem recorded his wishes to the French in 2015. Advocating a “duty of optimism,” he recalls three imperatives for the political year ahead: “lucidity requirement “” courage to duty, “a” new democracy “. At his party, he gives this mission:

VIDEO “Wear a life force which the country needs to renew its political life.”. Greeting Bayrou

Marine Le Pen, the eye on the elections Some dates are already checked in its agenda. Those of departmental and regional elections of March and December. In his vows, available on the website of his party, the president of the National Front makes this call: “Consolidate in 2015 the successes of 2014.” Those municipal and European last spring “historic for the Patriots.” For Marine Le Pen repeat several times in his message, it is good for the FN to “put the stones of his way to power.” “Our electoral gains, our local presence, our professionalism, our openness to new themes, new rallies occurred lately … These are our strengths that bring us closer each day a little more power,” slipping away-t she, having blasted the balance of socialist power.

VIDEO. Greeting Marine Le Pen

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