Monday, December 22, 2014

Joue-les-Tours: the attacker had posted a flag of the State … – TF1

Joue-les-Tours: the attacker had posted a flag of the State … – TF1

Placed in custody Saturday night, it was she who gave the elements of his personality to investigators. The sister of Bertrand “Bilal” Nzohabonayo, original French Burundi age 20 and shot Saturday in France after assaulting police officers in a police station in Joue-les-Tours, said the accomodation for you, announced Monday the prosecutor the Republic of Paris François Molins. Custody of the young woman was being raised in the absence of evidence indicating complicity on his part.

She explained it emerged from a Catholic family from Burundi, Bertrand “had converted to Islam and would have radicalized by the age 16-17 years old, one year after his brother Brice he was very close. ” His brother was arrested in Burundi where he is in “preventive detention for 14 days.” The searches in the mother and the sister of Bertrand allowed “in particular to discover what might be called a form of undated religious testament, in which is mentioned debt settlement, if and in which Bertrand request Allah give him strength. ” But “there is no evidence at present that it will be directly linked to the commission of the offense,” said François Molins.

In August 2013, the mother of the two boys had made a report to police, worrying “radicalization of his son Brice and influence it latter could have on his brother Bertrand, “he explained. Investigators visited the Facebook accounts including the two brothers. “Operation of Bertrand profile, under the name of Bilal loan, highlighted the profile of a person Muslim disseminating the Koran and criticizing Islamophobia in very general terms,” ​​a-t- he said. But on Thursday, he put a flag of the Islamic state on her page, two days after his brother Brice “posted this same flag,” said the prosecutor.

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