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Rate this article: – Le Dauphiné Libéré

0:00 SAVOIE in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne , the accommodation capacity of saturated emergency. While hundreds of vehicles still manage to Saint Jean de Maurienne, the emergency accommodation capacity is reached saturation. The vehicles are directed to Saint-Julien-Montdenis

23 h 35 . SAVOIE nearly 800 tourists stranded on the road stations are preparing to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday in the buildings of Chambéry Exhibition Centre where they were invited to take refuge. Hotels in the round are in full effect and some holidaymakers have even had to start over Grenoble or Lyon hope to find shelter for the night.

11:10 p.m. SAVOIE : given the current traffic problems related to snow and ice, by prefectural, vehicles from Lyon by A43 or Annecy by A41 to the Savoy stations are required to turn around the toll Chambéry-Nord

10:20 p.m.. in HIGH-ALPS , in Briançon, a group of six teenagers and two accompanying Foyer welfare Child Poisy (Haute-Savoie) also spent the night in the room of Prorel, requisitioned by the municipality (see page 10). They arrived around 15 hours. Embrun, traffic was difficult on the axis connecting Savines-le-Lac.

 According to police, the speed does not exceed 30km / h. The municipality opened Saturday night the gym Pond, 50 beds. A reception was held with the municipality, firefighters and the Red Cross. At L’Argentière-la-Bessée, the deputy mayor Joël Giraud opened a shelter in the late evening.

 Buses registered in Eastern Europe and chainless remained blocked. Other municipalities have made available SPEs, like Gap 4th Regiment of mountain hunters – Belle Aureille (230 beds) and Lafaille at the gym, the gym and the former barracks of La Batie-Neuve ( 50 beds) and the adj oining multipurpose room for mayor of Savines-le-Lac (30 beds)

9:45 p.m. . ISERE , the situation is being standardized. On the Road in 1091, which was a big early evening until sticking point, the traffic thins gradually. Traffic continues to be dense, but now major restraint. The only point of attachment is the terminal mounted Deux Alpes between Clapier Auris and Mont-de-Lans, which recorded several kilometers cap: the latest arrivals reaching the goal … Elsewhere, traffic returned normal, but beware: Snow chains are actually needed to reach the stations, refreezing ice rinks have turned some stretches of road, and that all the massive Isère

9:30 p.m. SAVOIE , Aix-les-Bains will eventually accommodate all the stranded travelers in 2063 Voglans airport (which we told you about at 20:30) . Essentially British, they will be dispatched between the Convention Centre and Sports Hall of Marlioz, three gyms just been opened.

9:10 p.m. ISERE , access to stations is still possible but limited to vehicles with chains. Furthermore the prefecture said that the Lautaret closed, D 1091 can be borrowed to connect Grenoble to Briançon. The prefecture invites everyone to limit their movements to a strict minimum, given the still unfavorable weather forecast for the night to come

8:30 p.m. . In Savoie, Aix-les-Bains , more than 120 passengers are currently already arrived at the emergency shelter open at 6:00 p.m. at the Convention Centre. The arrivals are greeted by the on duty municipal staff and a team of four volunteers from the Red Cross, who are struggling to get beds and something to eat. About 2000 people currently blocked at Voglans airport, over 1000 could also be repatriated in Aix-les-Bains. Halle sports Marlioz could then serve as second shelter

7:45 p.m. . SAVOIE, Chambéry Exhibition Park was stormed by many survivors of the road. All are waiting for accommodation (pictured). A hotline: 08 11 00 06 73 19.30: In SAVOIE, the available places have been allocated in emergency shelters. Other tourists continue to arrive. Missing blankets, mattresses and what to feed them

7:15 p.m. . SAVOIE , there will be many emergency shelter tonight in Val d’Isere. While the two rooms opened this afternoon in La Daille (technical services) and at the heart of the resort (Congress Centre) should be for the afternoon, traffic is still complicated between Val d’Isere and Bourg-Saint-Maurice. The actors of the station are currently undergoing organization and contact hotels, real estate agencies, residences … to accommodate all the stranded motorists

7:10 p.m. . In SAVOIE – As part of the Emergency hosting plan activated late in the afternoon by the prefecture, the village hall Aime is already filled with 80 to 100 people housed. Drinks are provided and stuck motorists take the opportunity to do their shopping. The Cerutti and the former dining room of the Arts will also be open.

 At La Plagne, at 18 h 45, the situation is unblocked on the road, in the direction of the descent. Only chained cars can go down. 500 people are currently stuck at the station of Aime. Town halls are in contact with the Loyet coach company to find solutions for these people. Following a message from the prefecture, a requisition request is sent to the accommodation hosts of the station. All versatile and multi-purpose sports halls are open for emergency accommodation

7:05 p.m. . ISERE , the situation is very bad on the RD 1091, in the Romanche valley, where vehicles are almost at a standstill for several hours in the direction of the stations, Vizille to Bourg d’Oisans. Location also very hard on the RN 85 between Grenoble and Vizille and to the north of Grenoble. The access to Vercors stations Grenoble are very problematic at present, falling temperatures making them extremely slippery after the relative thaw in the afternoon. Material injury has also just occur between Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte and Lans-en-Vercors (RD 106). Many motorists, totally oblivious, trying to make them without special equipment or stations set up when it is too late. The police took position on the two main entrances to the plate (106 rd in Saint-Nizier and 531 rd in Sassenage and machinery) to compel users to equip their vehicles or turn around.

7 p.m. SAVOIE , shelters Chambery is complete! The 700 seats were taken by storm and begins to open gyms. At the airport, nearly 2,000 people still do not know where they will sleep

6:55 p.m. . SAVOIE in Chambéry, a Belgian family (photo) who had to go in Maurienne is preparing to spend the night in a high school or gymnasium. Like hundreds of other guests.

18: 45 . HAUTE-SAVOIE , the situation is further complicated by winds up in places up to 50 or 60 km / h. Depending on these, the amounts of expected accumulated snow could reach 20 to 25 cm in non-windy areas, the Arve Valley, and 10 to 15 cm in areas subject to wind gusts as the plateau of the semine, the Albanians, Lake Geneva and Geneva areas.

17 h 55 . The movement of public transport vehicles of persons is prohibited on specified axes in both directions of movement, in Savoie . This provision shall apply from 23 am to 4 pm in the night from Saturday to Sunday. D278 – D78A: Corbier – La Toussuire – St-Jean-de-Maurienne; D926: St Sorlin d’Arves and St. Jean d’Arves – St-Jean-de-Maurienne; D110: Albiez-Montrond – St Jean de Maurienne; D902, D215a: Valloire and Valmeinier – St Michel de Maurienne; D81, D81b: Les Karellis – Montricher Albanne – St Jean de Maurienne – St Julien Montdenis (RD79)

17 h 31 .. Météo France provides a snowfall in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in late night and all day tomorrow. It is expected 1-3 cm in the Durance Valley, 1-5 cm in Verdon, 5 to 10 cm in the Ubaye Valley, and 15 to 20 cm high in the mountains.

17 h 20 . Snowfall will be generalized in Isere, Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Ain, according to the latest information of Frederick Decker, meteorologist at Meteo News. “This is a very organized episode, important.” In the plains, it is 2 to 3 cm that will fall, but do not hold following a slight thaw late Saturday afternoon. However, Sunday’s Falls will cling with a new cooling and frost event that will precede a cold peak early next week (the temperature will drop to -7 ° C). From the next night, from 800 m, about twenty inches of snow are expected. From 1500 m, it is between 30 and 50 cm are expected 60 to 70 cm above 2000 m. The cold peak expected early next week will allow snow to cling. That week, however, will be less snow with a reappearance of the sun. It will make up to -10 ° C in the mountains.

17 h 07 . “This Saturday is expected to fall from 30 to 50 cm of snow at 1500m and 60 to 70cm at 2000m,” says Frédéric Decker. 17 h. It is possible to monitor the real-time traffic on the highway from the live webcam network before hitting the road. Go

16 h 53 . Because of the expected snowfall, Traffic monitoring discourages users “non-essential travel.” Traffic could be disrupted on the axes Lyon-Chambéry (A43), Chambéry-Geneva (A41), Geneva-Italy (A40) and Chambery-Italy (A43).

16 50 h . In the Hautes-Alpes, between 5 and 15 cm of snow Gapençais in Embrun. Border with Savoy and Isère, it is between 20 and 40 cm of snow expected to fall.

16: 45 . Savoie , the channels will be mandatory from Saturday 7am to access the Tarentaise resorts. That’s the Savoie prefecture made the announcement, while this weekend will be marked by the cross-over of the second week of vacation. One hundred snow-plows were mobilized to clear roads to the resorts.

16 h 35 . Meteorologists Meteo News provide 30 to 50 cm of snow from 1500 m.

16 h 26 . Meteo France placed nineteen departments orange alert “snow-ice” from Friday. Isère, Haute-Savoie, Savoie and Ain are affected by this alert, while snowfall is expected in the night from Friday to Saturday. Other warning departments Jura, Doubs, Gold Coast, Haute-Marne, Belfort, Haute-Saône, Vosges, Lower Rhine, Moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Marne, Ardennes, Aisne and Nord . The orange alert is currently scheduled to last until Sunday 28 in the morning

15 h 37 . SAVOY , Internet radio and do not respond. Highway-info is also down on 107.7, as the site. Too bad, the day we did really need real-time information

15 h 16 : ISERE , the N85 is cut towards Gap (HIGH-ALPS). The CRICRs Rhône-Alpes Auvergne asks users to avoid this area. To do this, follow the signs in place which consists Gap from Grenoble to join the A51 to the Col du Fau then the D1075 via the Col de la Croix Haute.

15 h 15: ISERE , the road of Ornon, which connects La Mure the Romanche valley (Bourg d’Oisans) has was cut by a snow slide to 13 hours on the Romanche slope. The machines are hard at work to restore the passage. Furthermore, significant challenges remain in Oisans, especially at the Bourg d’Oisans and the rise in Alpe D’Huez ..

14 H 57 HAUTE-SAVOIE , if there was some difficulty climbing in Abondance Valley this morning from Bountiful, towards Chatel, the new signage had its usefulness. Installed before the tunnel Bioge, it indicated a mandatory chaining to Chatel. A preventive approach to the attention of not fitted with special equipment motorists. For starters the other hand, if they have not seen a snow stranded during their week off, some had also chained to go down to Thonon.

14 h 34: SAVOIE , traffic remains very difficult. Chaining is mandatory, the RN 90 freezing rain in Feissons generate caps to Albertville.

 Back stations: Tarentaise, traffic is very busy with the difficulties in clashes. Ponserand tunnel is closed to allow the intervention of snow removal equipment at Feissons. Maurienne: traffic is idling
 Access to stations: on the Lyon-Chambéry traffic is heavy, with slowdowns and traffic difficile.Sur urban expressway (VRU) Chambery, the traffic is very busy. At the toll Chignin a plug formed which goes across the VRU and requires regulation in the tunnel Mountains. Traffic is very difficult in this direction. Maurienne traffic is hard on all access. Access Toussuire station Corbier very difficult mandatory chains, now plug in the village of Fontcouverte Rochette.

 The difficulties

 RD902 – access Valloire, a bus in trouble in each direction.

 RD926 and 80B VL-way by road scenic St Jean d’Arves (WARNING ban & gt; 3.5to for Bridge Cliettaz).

 Deviation in St Michel de Mne 8:00 to 18:00: down the street from the main street and Curiaz; then depending on traffic possibility A43 back by Avenue of the Republic.

 Deviation from Modane downlink by the RD216 and 215 (street coolers).

 Deviation from St Jean de Maurienne recommended for Bus: to avoid the city center and to join the chaining area in the Carrefour Market
 RD925: Venthon Beaufort heavyweight direction difficulty establishing a PTT

14: 30 . FLASH MeteoNews FOR Sunday

14 H 17 ISERE , a young man of 27 years was killed in a traffic accident a traffic accident occurred on Saturday at 12 am 15 on the road between the Collet Allevard station of Allevard

13 H 57 . HAUTE-SAVOIE Vuache tunnel was reopened on two tracks: the cap can begin to resolve. The impressive cap between Bellegarde and Saint-Julien literally congested lanes of the A40 in the direction Chamonix-Mâcon can begin to resolve. The police platoon to return Eloise at the toll Viry viennnent confirm that the Vuache tunnel reopened on both roads. The knifing truck this morning around 7:30 at the approach of the building had paralyzed traffic for two hours, taking also trap the snow plows in the reservoir and seriously complicating the release of the tracks. The snowfall seems paused. At Viry, the sun returned to the turnpike and many motorists caught in a trap for hours can stretch their legs

13: 30:. forecasting Weather France . AIN, the ISÈRE, SAVOIE HAUTE-SAVOIE and remain in amber alert

The current situation:. In connection with a temporary thaw, rain has resurfaced at low altitude (up around 400-500 m). In the mountains and in the valleys of internal mass, it continues to snow heavily. Snow thicknesses vary according to altitude. 10-15 cm of fresh snow is relief in the Jura, 15-20 cm in the lower valleys of the Alps between 30 and 40 cm in the high valleys of internal Alpine peaks.

 Changes planned: active disturbance will affect the entire region during the next 24 hours. The expected snow accumulations by tonight sometimes reach 60 cm in the mountains above 2000 m, 20 to 30 cm to 1000 m. A marked cooling is expected during the next night. This cooling will cause a return of the snow plain

13 H 27 . SAVOIE , in Bourg-Saint -Maurice, traffic is complicated. In the direction of departure, the cars are stopped in the city center.

13 h 15 : HAUTE-SAVOIE , the overloaded A40 between Saint-Julien-en-Genevois and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. A plug several kilometers paralyzing traffic on the A40 in the direction Chamonix-Mâcon between Saint-Julien and Bellegarde. The difficulties encountered by the heavyweights in the mounted upstream Vuache tunnel are originally recorded strong slowdowns. Lorries are now forced to park in the area of ​​Valleiry. It is not recommended to take the A40 to Saint-Julien towards Bellegarde. Photo taken a height of Saint-Julien. Traffic conditions are very difficult

12 h 47 . SAVOIE , from the middle of the morning, it is impossible to arrive at stations and Valmeinier Valloire. The vehicles are currently stored at Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne. Parking Metaltemple is virtually complete, other parking spaces are being opened. The mayor of the town, Jean-Michel Gallioz is currently open community halls to allow motorists to expect warm and have access to sanitation. Snow removal vehicles have great difficulty accessing instead of blocking below the Telegraph Pass

12 h 37 . In ISERE , the situation is still very difficult in Bourg d’Oisans sector and Alpe d’Huez. Access to the station is almost impossible without chains today (snow tires are not enough). According to a correspondent of the Dauphiné Libéré that is on the scene, the area is completely saturated, blocked by non-equipped vehicles and motorists are advised to wait until the situation improves by waiting at Bourg d’Oisans. Several drivers surveyed, it was this morning over 3 h 30 to reach Grenoble and Bourg d’Oisans (about 60 km). Moreover, in the Vercors, the Col de la Croix-Perrin between Lans-en-Vercors and Autrans / Méaudre is very difficult to access and locked alternately by non Vehicles (or wrong) equipped. According to the police, this sector of the Vercors seems more exposed to snowfall since the beginning of the morning as that of Villard-de-Lans / Corrençon. Finally, problems begin to appear on the southern slope of the Matheysine: laces located after La Mure (Gap direction) on the RN 85, are currently partly obstructed by vehicles in trouble

<. strong> 12 h 32 SAVOIE at noon Maurienne gendarmerie company came under heavy traffic problems in the valley and access stations. The greatest caution while material accidents are still slow traffic. Among the mid-day the improvements: reopening of access to the resorts of Saint-Sorlin and Corbier. Valloire and Valmeinier, access is always interrupted

12 h 25 . SAVOIE , there ey several minor accidents on the roads of access to stations. Firefighters from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and those positions seconded stations do not cease to intervene on the access roads to the stations. Currently, intervention is underway on the access road to the Karellis: two cars collided, causing no injuries but completely blocking traffic. Help is on site. There are a few minutes on the road to La Toussuire, a vacationer has suffered a broken leg: as he put the chains on his car, another car slipped and came on strike. The victim had just arrived at the hospital of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, traffic resumed normally. The police and emergency services call for greater caution

12 h 22 . HAUTE-SAVOIE The Col des Montets is open access from the town of Vallorcine Chamonix is ​​still possible by the Col des Montets (1460m), but the snow tires or chains are required. This equipment is in fact mandatory since Fayet (commune of Saint-Gervais) and throughout the Chamonix Valley.

12 h 03 : SAVOIE , more than 20 cm of fresh snow had fallen on the resort of Saint-François-Longchamp. Chains required for the climb. Chaining of the areas are located in the House, St. Martin, Montoudras, Planet and St. Francis 1450. By late afternoon, we should reach 70 cm of snow.

11 h 55 HAUTE-SAVOIE , to allow snow RN 205 lorries are stored on the Passy area. The wait is 40 minutes

11 h 52 . It currently 5:30 to Lyon-Albertville

<. p> 11 h 41 ISERE , a bus carrying British is blocked for 10 hours in the ramp Wives (RD 1091) between Bourg d’Oisans and Freney (access to Deux Alpes), after slipping to the side of the road. The clearance operation of this vehicle is underway

11 h 38 . SAVOIE , access to beaufortain in Albertville is currently closed by the police. The traffic department is always difficult. Numerous skirmishes, vehicle failure or difficulties are noted, but no major incidents involving motorists is regrettable summer. Regulation Tunnel des Monts in Chambery has been established

11 h 20 . HAUTE-SAVOIE this Saturday at 11 am, the climb to the resorts of Combloux and Megeve is complicated. Steep slopes and not equipped with chains or snow tires vehicles create plugs into downtown Sallanches

11 h 06 . In SAVOIE in the valley of the Tarentaise in the downhill station traffic is very busy and slow forward with many minor skirmishes. Between Sainte-Foy and the bus line is in trouble, which required the establishment of a duplex. The deviation of Aime two heavyweights are difficulties, there is strong slowdowns. Plugs are training Ponserand tunnel. Valley of the Arvan: PTT after a troubled because
 On the Lyon-Chambéry line traffic starts to be significant, with slowdowns and a difficult circulation. On urban expressway (VRU) Chambery, the traffic is very busy. At the toll Chignin a plug formed which goes across the VRU and requires regulation in the tunnel Mountains. Highway toll Chignin not until 11am. A bus is in the ditch on the road to Saint-Baldoph

10 H 56 . SAVOIE , the Access to Valloire and Valmeinier stations is temporarily prohibited due to the influx of vehicles and bad weather

10 h 52 .: in the AIN , even though it was expected, the snow fell in the night surprised motorists this morning. The axis Bellegarde-Pays de Gex is clogged. The police do not give up cars without four snow tires on the road border. Despite this measure, traffic is more than difficult

10 h 41 . ISERE , several reports received by the Dauphiné Libéré show the total blocking the rise of Alpe d’Huez by non-equipped vehicles. “That’s about 1 hour 30 that no one can go. There are vehicles across and the road is not plowed,” said one Grenobloise who tried in vain to save the station this morning and decided to turn around. Currently, hundreds of vehicles, including cars, would thus be blocked in the famous climb. The police did not confirm this information

10 h 35 . HAUTE-SAVOIE in Geneva , traffic conditions are satisfactory on the A40 between the turnpike and Viry Nangy where traffic is flowing for now, pending the arrival of the wave of tourists in the next few hours. The rain has replaced snow for about an hour, washing the highway routes identified in the early hours this morning by the services of the ATMB. The caution is for motorists who have to deal with wind gusts of untimely

10 h 05. SAVOIE , the cap on the A43 now covers 27 kilometers of La Ravoire in Chamousset

9 h 57 . SAVOIE , there currently has a cap of 9.3 km on the A43 Barberaz in Francin.

9 h 54: SAVOIE , on the A43, the traffic is accordion 14 miles . Chavanne in Chamousset

9 h 53: SAVOIE , currently, the traffic is very slow to get Le Corbier and Saint-Sorlin: a bus fell into careers through the levels, after crossing Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, creating a big slowdown. The evacuation of the car is running, the gear of the Local Development Planning (TDL) are on hand to clean the floor and make the transition to motorists

9 h. 52: SAVOIE , chaining areas of The House, Saint-Etienne de Cuines, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (pool and Clapeys), Saint-Michel-de -Maurienne, Saint-Martin-d’Arc, Modane and Termignon have been activated. At the entrance to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, buses are directed to the Carrefour commercial center to be chaining. The areas were held by the police and in some cases, municipal employees. Non-equipped vehicles can not pass

9 h 38. SAVOIE , the amounts of snow very important since Aiguebelle. For the moment, no valley road is cut, but chaining areas, the usual ones and other temporary were implanted “everywhere” according to police company. It is imperative to chain as it enters the valley

9 h 37 . In the AIN , the cork between Châtillon-en-Michaille and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine is resorbed

9 h 36 . ISERE in the south of the department, traffic conditions are difficult overall. In plain first, the Gresivaudan that was most affected by this morning snowfall (several inches into the ground, including the A41 Chambéry-Grenoble).


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