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Illustration: A French fireman. – PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP

Mathieu Bruckmüller

A five year old girl died and her brother seven years is “a brain dead” on Following the frontal collision of two vehicles in the night from Friday to Saturday in Millau (Aveyron), is it has learned from sources.

The children’s mother, who was pregnant, lost her baby in the accident, said the prefecture. The girl died on the spot, during the frontal impact of two vehicles at 0:30 at the exit of Millau, according to firefighters. His brother, who was in the same car, was hospitalized “in a coma” in CHR Montpellier, told AFP the sub-prefect of Millau, Bernard Breyton. His “clinical death” was declared in mid-day, he added.

The driver is drowsy

Five others, including the twin sister of the deceased girl, were transported to the hospital in Millau but their days are not not in danger, according to firefighters and the prefecture. The pregnant woman is slightly affected, besides the fact that she had a miscarriage, and her husband suffered a fractured femur. The health status of the binoculars is more serious, said the prefecture without elaborating.

As for the passengers in the other vehicle, a couple, they are only slightly injured.

According to Bernard Breyton, the first elements of the investigation show that the driver of the first vehicle, a 39 year old man who was driving with his wife, would have dozed off and rammed into the car coming from the opposite direction and carrying the family of five.

The agony leaves more like a speeding this agglomeration road limited to 50 km / h. The investigation was entrusted to the police station in Millau, which indicated that blood alcohol tests were negative.