Wednesday, December 24, 2014

In Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the Netherlands and its reconquest of French – L’Observateur

In Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the Netherlands and its reconquest of French – L'Observateur

Francois Hollande continues its operation reconquest of French. The head of state went from citizens of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, who booked him a warm welcome. This is the balm to the heart of a president after a difficult year but deemed useful for further five years.

Of course, all the inhabitants of this archipelago in the North Atlantic had not vote for him in 2012 (he had collected 65.3%) but all were grateful to see him make the trip to find out what “piece de France” and its approximately 6,000 residents.

“You have warm hands here!”

From the Hospital of St. Peter in the hall of Miquelon-Langlade, Francois Hollande welcomed hundreds of citizens. “You have warm hands here!”, He says in the cold of the northern winter.

Wednesday in the morning, he will fly to the city where the climate is milder but where the polls are the effect of a biting wind: 17% (+ 4%) in popularity, according to the latest Ifop poll for the “JDD”. . Or that of ViaVoice for “Liberation” where he arrived in 16th place, tied with Christiane Taubira and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

The year 2014 has been rough: for people without for improvement on the unemployment front, for the majority who lost three elections (municipal, European and Senate) to the president who had to reshuffle his government and twice to face the ire of his former partner Valérie Trierweiler.

In the presidential entourage, the many reforms is emphasized (responsibility pact, vocational training, lower taxes on income, land reform), the results are “still limited” and whose it will rejoice when they are “net, free and sustainable.”

“The conquest, dynamics and movement”

” cash is needed in a competition. To be on the offensive, is it possible to win, “whispered Francois Hollande on the sidelines of his visit overseas territories. . A reference to the many challenges in the second part of the quinquennium

“2015 will be different: it will not be the same themes, not the same context, we approach 2017,” argued the head of the state, which is “in the conquest, the dynamics and movement.”

And if the departmental elections to be held in March, and regional, scheduled for late 2015, ahead perilous for the left. The Elysee believes that this will not affect the five-year nor the confidence of the President in his prime minister, Manuel Valls, unless major problem with the parliamentary majority.

“I do not withstanding that, I advance “

” We must keep the schedule and be in the initiative. For several months, our proposals is the public debate ” welcomes Francois Hollande. “I’m not just resist, I say.”

The new year will open with the law “growth and activity” carried by Emmanuel Macron, the last major economic project that will bridge to of Other courses, over into the field of “French life”. Already on government shelves the texts on the energy transition, health care, end of life, educational and digital ambition.

And the climate conference in December, which will give rise to various events throughout the year as well with the associations, businesses and foreign countries. Francois Hollande, who seized the environmental issue head on in the fall, intends to make an important time when the French overseas appear prominently as sentinels territories, Pacific St. Pierre and Miquelon.


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