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Callac: voluntary homicide investigation after the death of a young … – FranceTV info

Callac: voluntary homicide investigation after the death of a young … – FranceTV info


The autopsy of a young student died Sunday at the nightclub The Bacardi Callac (22) directs the investigation flagrant crime of intentional homicide. A call for witnesses was launched with the people there at the time of the tragedy.

  • By Thierry Peigné
  • Published 23/12/2014 | 1:04 p.m., updated 12.23.2014 | 1:04 p.m.

© JM Seigner Investigations gendarmerie continue in the disco Bacardi Callac (22)

“The death is due to a transfixing abdominal wound may have been caused by knives” said the floor of Saint-Brieuc in a statement on Tuesday morning.

This is a press release that the prosecution of Saint-Brieuc revealed the progress of the investigation on the death of Peter Baron, this 18 year old student, from Landeleau Finistère.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the young man died despite the rapid care by firefighters and EMS. It was found shortly after 4 hours, lying near an emergency door in the disco Bacardi Callac Côtes d’Armor. This “would have collapsed on stage and was reportedly taken unconscious outside while waiting for help” the statement prosecutors.

The privileged criminal acts

“The investigation has evolved into blatant crime of intentional homicide because of the findings of the autopsy performed Monday at the IML (Institute Médico Legal) Rennes” adds the floor. The investigators therefore deviate accidental track. Some testimonies relataient an accidental fall on pieces of glass.

Call for witnesses

The investigations of the gendarmerie continue Tuesday in the disco. The Rennes research section, which is in charge of the investigation supported by Guingamp Research Brigade, calls for witnesses:

“All witnesses or persons attending may contact the investigators following toll-free: 0800 007 822 “



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