Monday, December 22, 2014

A pickup truck drove into the crowd of the Christmas market in Nantes – Le Figaro

A pickup truck drove into the crowd of the Christmas market in Nantes – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Sebastian S. collided with his vehicle for pedestrians in the heart of the city, killing at least eleven wounded, five seriously. Counsel for the Republic evokes an “isolated case,” eliminating any “act of terrorism”. A ministerial meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning at Matignon.

The black series continues. A van crashed into “voluntarily” the crowd in the pedestrian zone of the Christmas market in Nantes Monday. Appraisal: 11 injured (another officer review reported 17 injured), five serious. The prognosis of one of the victims were even hired Monday night. The tragedy occurred on the Place Royale, around 6:55 p.m., while the public thronged the family to buy souvenirs, gifts and treats.

The author is a man of 37 years, Sébastien S., according to a source close to the investigation environments. “If it’s an Islamic radical, then it is a converted because the surname is clearly European-sounding” speculated a local policeman, just after the “accident”. One thing is certain: the driver was born in Charente-Maritime in 1977. He was also good unclear whether or not the individual had any message shouted religious in his mad dash. Local justice very quickly said no, in the time that followed the event. But all the evidence had not yet collected.

In the cab of his truck, the drunk driver was firmly told “multiple stab wounds” immediately after his act, according to an official of the Ministry of inside. No less than nine stab wounds, according to police sources on site. But he survived and his days were not in danger Monday evening, when he was hospitalized. Which foreshadowed his hearing would be possible and could enlighten his gesture. For justice, from the outset, it was an “isolated act”. Counsel for the Republic in the city was quick to say, like, a few hours earlier, the Dijon, eliminating any act of terrorism. The man had no “specific claim”, she assured. “A book was discovered next to the van. We are studying it, “she added.

Perimeter Security

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has nevertheless seen fit to go there, continuing his run of dramas dramas to Played -The first-Tours on Saturday and then at Dijon on Sunday, and now in Nantes. For him, the perpetrator is an “unbalanced”. Bernard Cazeneuve is there to “keep informed” to “support the victims and their families,” but also to “meet the police”, also assured his entourage. As in the previous two days cases the perpetrator was “a priori known to police for minor facts,” said Hot spokesman of the place Beauvau. For the public, this is the third third serious offense in three days, while the Prime Minister himself declared in Montpellier Monday: “We have never experienced such a great danger in terrorism.”

On Monday night, a security perimeter was prepared to allow the evacuation of victims, while market access were closed. Chalet has closed door. That in which is embedded the van fell a meter as a result of the impact.

Several witnesses were present at the scene of terrified driver who lardait with knives, while many victims lying on the ground. Scenes reminiscent daily violence in other latitudes. “Are we prepared?” Wondered Monday night, a senior officer of a company of CRS mobilized reinforcement in the Great West.

“This is someone who had a criminal intent “

Asked BFMTV, the Green MP Loire-Atlantique François de Rugy explained that he was present at the Christmas market at the time of the tragedy, but that he had” not seen ” . “There was no panic in the market,” he recounted, adding that he had “no doubt about the intentional nature” of the act. “It is not an accident, it is a pedestrian street with controlled access. This is someone who obviously had criminal intent, “said the elected while calling for” not jump to conclusions. ” For the deputy mayor of Nantes also no “doubt” to “willfulness” of the act. Gilles Nicolas said that “200 to 300 people were on hand at the time of the tragedy.”

The former prime minister and former mayor of Nantes, Jean-Marc Ayrault, for his part, expressed on Twitter his “solidarity” and “support” victims “deal with this senseless violence.”

Head of Government, Manuel Valls, expressed his “concern” before “the succession of dramas” such as Nantes and called for “cool.” “Each drama, justice must move forward to get to the bottom. It will do so relentlessly, “he promised. Premier meets Tuesday morning at Matignon a “ministerial meeting” on request of the president. Francois Hollande, who begins Tuesday a visit to Saint Pierre and Miquelon, “requested the Prime Minister to hold a ministerial meeting on Tuesday morning to review these dramas and mobilize state services,” reported Monday night the entourage of the head of state.


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