Friday, December 26, 2014

SNCF Rates: planned increases in 2015 – Les Echos

SNCF Rates: planned increases in 2015 – Les Echos

The price TGV tickets, Intercity and TER reservation will increase by 2.6% next year. Other rates will not move. This is the case of Prem’s tickets


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The passengers from the train need to prepare for some price increases for next year. The rate increase will make 2.6% for TGV and Intercity trains reservations required. “The tariff changes will apply to the regulatory rate base full leisure fare, excluding any reduction” , said the SNCF in a statement. The addition will also increase by 2.6% for journeys TER and Intercity reservation.

Last year, the SNCF had merely pass through its rates the VAT increase of 7 to 10 points on the tickets took place on 1 January 2014.

“This does not mean that all tickets will increase by 2.6% “, claimed an industry expert. This increase does not apply to such TER subscriptions, which amount is decided by the regions. Moreover, the TGV ticket price Prems’ remain unchanged. And their numbers continue to increase, recently promised the public group, indicating that the Prem’s had been a TGV ticket in eight in 2014, against one in ten in 2013. Moreover, argues the SNCF in a statement, card reduction and bookings for subscriptions Packages and students, students and apprentices will see their rates unchanged.

“yield management”

More broadly, the SNCF has converted many years a pricing policy based on the” yield management “, that is to say, a price change depending on demand, to increase the trains filling rate. The public company therefore differentiate prices according to the expected demand. Which will increase by 2, 6% is the maximum rate that can pay customers for a given journey. And it is that they will pay for trains in peak periods.

These details will probably not prevent the political class to react strongly to these rate increases when where inflation is very low.


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