Sunday, December 28, 2014

One woman dies crushed by a bus – BBC

One woman dies crushed by a bus – BBC

A 35 year old woman died crushed by a bus last night near Disneyland Paris (Seine-et-Marne), after being struck by a driver who fled the scene.

The victim, an employee of the park to attraction, had just left his job when the accident occurred shortly before 20h, in the municipality of Coupvray, said a judicial source, confirming a report in The woman “was with a colleague” of 34, who had also “finished his service,” said a police source.

“They were cut on a crosswalk near a bus stop,” the source added. According to the testimony of employees of Disneyland Paris near the present site of the accident, the young women were reversed by a white van, whose driver fled.


One of them was projected on the side of the road, while the second was left lying on a bus lane, probably inanimate. “She was crushed a few seconds later” with “a bus that had not seen,” said the police source. “The road to this place is poorly lit,” she has said.

Supported by the rescue, the young woman could not be revived and died on the spot. Her colleague, who suffers from “a few bruises,” was hospitalized but his life is not in danger.

An investigation was launched to find the driver of the van. “CCTV images are being exploited,” said the judicial source. An appeal for witnesses could also be launched. The police station of Chessy (Seine-et-Marne) is responsible for the investigation.


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