Monday, December 22, 2014

Dijon: “A very polite man with a psychiatric history” – TF1

Dijon: "A very polite man with a psychiatric history" – TF1

A man with two faces. The drunk driver, who is currently in custody at Dijon & amp; nbspaprès having overthrown and wounded 13 people, including two most seriously on Sunday night in the center of the city, is known in his neighborhood for a man “very polite and helpful” but also for his “psychiatric history.”

It is in a modest four-story residence in the center of Dijon, in front of the Colombiere Park, the suspect, who was “a small quarantine”, lives with her parents. “These are very good people and discreet. Their son psychiatric problems” have told AFP neighbors who wished to remain anonymous.

Stays in psychiatric hospital

According to these, forty, which is “lonely” a “makes trips to the Chartreuse,” a psychiatric hospital in the city. “But it is always very polite and helpful when you cross it,” stressed its neighbors, “shocked” by the Sunday night drama. According to them, it would have a “social work adapted to their disability.”

According to preliminary evidence gathered by police, the man was seen wearing a jilbab and would have shouted “Allah Akbar” (God is great) and said that he acted “to the children of Palestine “before being arrested. “He’s still jogging, cap and sneakers,” wonder her neighbors stressing that neither he nor his parents “are not religious signs” or “expressed opinions” about the Muslim religion they practice including for Ramadan. “The mother, who is elderly, has never worn the veil”, they renchéri. It was clarified that the drunk driver has, like personal car, “a Renault Clio black” to “go shopping”, that he was driving in the drama.

Late Monday morning, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, went to the bedside of victims, the hospital before a visit to the Police station.


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