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Nantes: a driver mows 10 bystanders, “unbalanced … – The Obs

Nantes: a driver mows 10 bystanders, "unbalanced … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – A motorist drove Monday on a crowded Christmas market in the center of Nantes, injuring 10 people before wearing multiple stab wounds, a day after a similar incident in Dijon, authorities away in both cases a terrorist track.

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve spoke Monday night in Nantes the work “an unbalanced” about the motorist who drove at a market Christmas downtown, injuring ten people including five seriously.

The act committed around 19:00 Royale “seems the result of a balance,” said the minister told reporters, adding that the aggression committed by a 37 year old man who then hit the chest multiple stab wounds, did not seem to have any political or religious aim.

Shortly before 19:00, the driver of a white van registered in Charente-Maritime drove at a cottage where was served mulled wine Royale, one of the busiest pedestrian areas of the city.

“I just saw the car running into the stand. She completely dark in people “drinking mulled wine, said a woman of a certain age who was Christmas shopping in the market where there were between 200 and 300 people, as stated by deputy Mayor Gilles Nicolas.

“I was at home, I heard the noise, I went down quickly,” he told a waterfront with a corresponding AFP. “I saw the van in the Christmas market, I saw people on the ground, wounded, at least three or four, “she testified.” Help arrived very quickly, in five minutes, “said the guard of a nearby pharmacy.

Brigitte Lamy, prosecutor in Nantes, said to the press that the drama had 11 wounded, five seriously, including the driver, who s is brought ten stab wounds to the chest after the shock. Among the injured, the vital prognosis of an individual is engaged, says Lamy, who said that no child was among the victims. The injured were admitted to the University Hospital of Nantes.

According to a source close to the case, the perpetrator was born on 16 October 1977. In his vehicle was found a diary containing about confusing reflecting psychological and family difficulties. The man is known for simple and concealment flight in 2006 and degradation vehicle in 2008, according to the same source, who said that his condition is considered serious but his life is not in danger.

“One can not speak of an act of terrorism,” said his side the prosecutor in Nantes, adding, “it seems an isolated case.” There is no “particular claim,” she has said. “It looks like, subject to verification, in an act of the same kind that happened in Dijon”

-. Three dramas in three days –

On Sunday, a Man monitored for psychiatric disorders since 2001 and regularly hospitalized, had dark car on passers in Dijon shouting “Allah Akbar”, injuring 13 people.

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was expected in night in Nantes after visiting day in Dijon and Saturday in Joue-les-Tours, where Burundians (although Burundians) aged 20 wounded stabbed three officers, whose days are not danger, before being killed. The attacker had recently converted to Islam, posting on his Facebook account flag jihadist Islamic state group (EI).

In response to these events, François Hollande, who begins a visit to Tuesday Saint Pierre and Miquelon, asked the Prime Minister Manuel Valls to organize in the morning at Matignon a ministerial meeting to “mobilize the services of the State” and decide any “measures” after the series of dramas that occurred in Nantes, Dijon, and Joue-les-Tours.

According to the Elysee, these acts “seem unrelated.” But the head of state “called state services to the utmost vigilance.”

Mr. Valls, who said his “concern” about the “succession of tragedies,” called in “cold blood” and “discernment” according Matignon.

Thierry Spitz, regional secretary of the police union Alliance Loire Valley, said he was worried about this sequence of events.

“This is an isolated act, it is apparently still an unbalanced person. That’s what we a little worried is that with the media, we risk a repeat of this kind of fact and that’s rather worrying, “he told AFP.


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