Monday, December 22, 2014

Truck mad at Nantes. He mows 10 people at the market … – Ouest-France

Truck mad at Nantes. He mows 10 people at the market … – Ouest-France

It was a little less than 19h when a white van drove into the crowd, Place Royale in Nantes where there was the Christmas market. In three minutes the police was alerted by almost 90 calls.

A dozen five seriously injured were transported to University Hospital. At 23 h, the prognosis remained committed to one of the victims. No children were hurt.

“We can talk about terrorist act” .

Some people have claimed that he shouted name of Allah. The authorities have no tangible evidence to confirm. “One can not speak of an act of terrorism. This is an isolated act “, discusses the prosecutor, Brigitte Lamy.

” This cry is only a rumor, there is nothing to link with events Dijon “ confirmed Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

Cazeneuve evokes an unbalanced

Bernard Cazeneuve, arrived shortly after 23 pm Nantes, confirmed, citing the trail of an “unbalanced”.

Graves personal problems

The man of forty years, from Saintes in Charente-Maritime, would then stabbed. According to our information, it is currently still hospitalized unconscious in intensive care.

In addition, a book was seized in the van. According to our information, there is noted incoherent without religious connotation. There would express serious personal and family problems.

“A big boom and agonizing screams”

“There first had this great boom, the unknown noise for me. Like the gondola of a Ferris wheel funfair had separated. “ Xavier Caille, Angers, sells silver jewelry on the Christmas market, Place Royale, opposite the brewery Maître Kanter. “Then I heard the crowd noise, agonizing cries of panic, I had never heard before …” Everything was quickly shackled. “Firefighters and police arrived. With traders, we started to install barriers to a protective cordon. Neighbors were devastated, some crying. “

The Mayor of Nantes reacts

Johanna Rolland, the Mayor of Nantes expressed ” his emotion after this dramatic event and thinks primarily to families of the victims “.

Laurence Garnier and Nantes elected the right and center testify tonight for their support and solidarity with the victims of the vehicle collided with pedestrians on the Christmas market in the Place Royale. The Nantes families crossed the madness of a man tonight through a terrible ordeal in this time of Christmas. We show our their infinite compassion. “

Bernard Cazeneuve expected

Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior is expected Monday evening at 23h at the airport Nantes. According to the entourage of François Hollande, a ministerial meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Tuesday, at Matignon.

According to Gilles Nicolas, Assistant to the public tranquility, eleven people were injured, including five serious . Transported CHU Nantes and new clinics. The abuser, part of the injured. For him, “wilfulness (the act) does not seem to be any doubt” . He said that “200 to 300 people were on hand at the time of the drama” .

Black Ribbon in the windows Tuesday

Right in the center, the association of traders in Nantes, plans Tuesday to “make a gesture of solidarity in our windows . We believe display a black ribbon “, said its president Nathalie Deniau-Millon.


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