Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nantes: the driver of the van had asked for forgiveness … – TF1

Nantes: the driver of the van had asked for forgiveness … – TF1

Why Sébastien, 37, dark he was in the market crowd Christmas Nantes Monday night? This is what investigators are trying to determine, two days after the tragedy that killed a young man of 25 years. Upon arrival on site, the public prosecutor of Nantes had mentioned the presence of a notebook in the van. It contains “about the least confused,” she said Tuesday. The man said it “his hatred of society” and mentioned “a risk of being killed by the secret services.” It also states that “family denigrated the internet,” according to the prosecutor.

To his family and his future victims, he apologizes, says Le Monde and Paris . He explains that “his act was the only way to be heard of the company,” the first day. His relatives have not been allowed to see him but wonder about the motivations Sebastian. “But what he was able to go there? He had no connection with the city. Nothing,” said his sister to Loëticia Paris . For Sébastien is from Charente-Maritime. For seven years, he lives in Berneuil, a small town of 1,000 inhabitants.

His sister: “I should have interned Sebastian”

Her sister, no contact with him for several years, said that Sebastien is a “hard worker” quite lonely, passionate by plants which he had made his profession. The distance coincides with his family in her 30 years with his brother when the latter started smoking cannabis. “I could see he was not well,” she said, “his behavior was not normal. It had to be treated. But it would not listen.”

“It’s my fault, I should have to intern Sebastian. I am in my life,” she says. Only explanation for it at his brother’s gesture: “A shot buggery”, “psychiatric problems, exacerbated perhaps by the herb cannabis.” Before leaving for Nantes, this avid gardener had destroyed everything he had planted at home in Berneuil.


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