Friday, December 26, 2014

Angoulême: Hall withdraw “temporarily” the benches fences … – Le Point

Angoulême: Hall withdraw "temporarily" the benches fences … – Le Point

Controversial fence, installed on Christmas Eve nine benches of a place of Angoulême to discourage the installation alcoholic or drug dealers SDF were dismantled Thursday “provisionally” and “security measure” is it learned Friday from the town hall. Fences, “specifically gabions” for receiving stones or pebbles, says Hall, were kidnapped late Thursday night as teenagers had managed to get into one of them in the late afternoon , told AFP Antoine Truffaux, Chief of the UMP mayor. Screens should be reinstalled at a later date, “according to the date which will guarantee delivery of pebbles,” said Antoine Truffaux, which emphasizes that the town maintains its objective to condemn these benches and make an adjustment landscaping.

The installation, on Christmas Eve, fences giving chilling appearance benches “cage” had surprised many Angoumoisin and provoked reactions streams on social networks, ranging approval of a measure seen as a response to antisocial behavior and aggressive panhandling, until the outrage felt as a shameful development.

Since Wednesday, the mayor assumed to want to condemn these new benches adjacent to a shopping mall and, at that location, were “used almost exclusively by people who engage in recurrent alcohol every day.” She said to act in response to complaints from residents and traders and recalled that about twenty benches remained accessible on the same plaza. Friday City Hall, as the mayor Xavier Bonnefont on his Facebook page, regretted that the fences were installed on Christmas Eve, an unfortunate symbol. She put it inopportune timing on behalf of a “lack of coordination” between the company “believed to do well” by asking the fences before closing for the holidays and the one to deliver the pebbles, not for several days .


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