Monday, December 22, 2014

Dijon: a driver mows passersby shouting “Allah Akbar” – Liberation

Dijon: a driver mows passersby shouting "Allah Akbar" – Liberation

A motorist probably unbalanced, dark Sunday in Dijon on passersby cry of “Allah Akbar”, injuring eleven people in the aftermath of an attack against policemen Indre- et-Loire also by a man shouting “God is greatest” in Arabic.

“Man, born in 1974, has the profile of an unbalanced and would be followed in a psychiatric hospital,” told AFP a source close to the investigation. According to her, the claims of the aggressor Dijon “seem still unclear.”

This forties known to police for offenses under common law dating back to the 1990s was arrested, police sources have said.

To 8:00 p.m., in the city center, it has dark at five different locations on passersby, driving a Clio. The scene lasted nearly half an hour. “Nine people were slightly injured and two others seriously but their prognosis does not seem committed,” said one of these sources.

According to testimonies collected by the police, “the man shouted” Allahu Akbar “and said he had acted for the children of Palestine,” said a source close to the investigation. Witnesses described a man wearing a jilbab, according to a police source.

This is the same cry of “Allahu Akbar” a young man of twenty years attacked Saturday after -Midi knife of policemen from Joue-les-Tours, Indre-et-Loire, injuring three of them before being shot by police.

“Radicalisation “

This French born in Burundi and converted to Islam, Bertrand Nzohabonayo,” was not known, other than for acts of delinquency, “said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, while his brother was stuck for his radical positions and for a time considered leaving Syria.

There are a “few days”, the perpetrator of Joue-les-Tours was nonetheless “expressed his radicalization” by displaying on his Facebook account a “flag” the jihadist Islamic State Group (EI) active in Syria and Iraq, according to Mr Cazeneuve.

The EI encourages applicants to jihad to launch attacks against “infidels”, military, police or even civilians. France had been specifically named as a target by the jihadist organization after the start of the French strikes in Iraq.

The Anti-terrorism section of the Paris prosecutor took up the investigation of the Commission of attack which is moving towards radical Islamism.

Sunday night on TF1, Bernard Cazeneuve said that the aggressor Joue-les-Tours, who chose the first name of Bilal since his conversion seemed “both very mysterious and very destabilized, possibly by family circumstances.” “The investigation will reveal what his psychological state,” the minister said.

In a statement, the Union of mosques in France (UMF) condemned “in the strongest force this aggression” aimed the police, “a symbol of our country.” It’s called “French youth not to deceive enemy and fight”



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