Monday, December 22, 2014

Dijon: “There is absolutely no question of a terrorist act” – Le Point

Dijon: "There is absolutely no question of a terrorist act" – Le Point

The prosecutor in Dijon said Monday that the attack on Sunday night did not fall “definitely not a terrorist act “and that the author was suffering from an” old and heavy psychiatric disorder. ” The driver of the car that drove on Sunday evening passers in Dijon, injuring thirteen people, has an “old and heavy psychiatric disorder” for which he was “157 passages in a psychiatric unit between February 2001 and November 2014,” said the prosecutor, Marie-Christine Tarrare at a press conference in Dijon.

“The important point of this dramatic case is that there is absolutely no question of a terrorist act,” said Marie-Christine Tarrare, adding that the suspect, 40 years old, is still in custody, and the police de Dijon “continues the investigations.” The prosecution has also opened a criminal investigation for “attempted murder” and requested his detention, and has therefore retained by the qualification “in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, even if the man, sick, shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest, Ed), at the time, according to several witnesses.

“Old Psycho”

“To give me courage, I called Allahu Akbar to annihilate every spirit critical, “said the man investigators, whose father is of Algerian nationality and Moroccan mother, cited by the prosecutor. “He does not deny having deliberately drove into pedestrians” and “expressed no regrets”, although he said he was shocked by his own act, he told the prosecutor. This man, also a former drug addict, takes “a number of drugs,” and has “an old psychosis”, made of “mystical delirium”.

Similarly, according to the prosecutor on Sunday before he rushes with his car thirteen passersby in several places in Dijon, he “was caught by a gust of empathy for children Chechnya, he had decided to react to what he sees as an injustice and to attack the French State. ”


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