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Millau: twins die in road accident –

Millau: twins die in road accident –


The girl died on the spot, and his brother was hospitalized “in critical condition” (illustration).

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A very serious accident has cost many lives on the night of Friday to Saturday, December 27 in Millau. Two twin five years and their brother died seven years is “clinically dead” , following the frontal collision of two vehicles, will we learned from sources. A pregnant woman lost her baby more in the accident, said the prefecture.

One of the twins died on the spot at the collision of two vehicles at 0:30 at the exit of Millau, according to firefighters. Her twin sister, seriously injured, died in late afternoon at CHR Montpellier, said the sub-prefect of Millau, Bernard Breyton.

Life mother, multitrauma, is not in danger

Brother twins, who was in the same car, was hospitalized “in a coma” in the CHR Montpellier. His “clinically dead” was declared in mid-day, said the sub-prefect. The children’s mother, multitrauma, was also transferred to Montpellier . His days are however not in danger.

The three children were with their mother 34 years old, and their father, 39, when their vehicle collided with a car coming in the opposite direction , according to Bernard Breyton.

A passenger in the other vehicle suffered a miscarriage

A man aged 22 and a woman of 25 years on board of the other vehicle. The woman, who was pregnant, miscarried , according to the prefecture. The couple was hospitalized in Millau, and the father the other vehicle occupant. Their prognosis is not engaged, according to firefighters.

“We start from the assumption that one of the two drivers would drowsy and would have struck the vehicle coming in front, “said the commander Eric Delchambre Commissioner Millau.

The responsibilities have not been established yet

” But you can not blame to X or Y because we have not yet had the opportunity to hear anybody, “he said. The alcohol tests were negative , said the commander, who leads the investigation.

The Commissioner said that pavement was wet at the time of the accident , but it was not able to indicate if the speed could be involved. The stretch of road is “not particularly accident-prone,” said he said.

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