Wednesday, December 31, 2014

VIDEOS. UMP: the race for the primary in 2016 through the vows – L’Express

VIDEOS. UMP: the race for the primary in 2016 through the vows – L'Express

What vows evoke the future, what is more normal. But with the political, exercise takes particular round. Yes, they are looking to the future. Their future.

Alain Juppe did not even try to hide it. The mayor of Bordeaux seriously thinking for president in 2017 and ends his blog notes: “It is my hope that together we in 2015, 2016, 2017 … good years for France.”

The darling of the polls has opened the ball of wishes to the UMP, grilling politeness to the president. On Twitter and Facebook, Nicolas Sarkozy has delivered a video in the line of refined communication in recent months: short, interspersed with French words and close to a campaign video.

The former head of state repeated a dozen times the word “gathering”, which should be the new name of the UMP in February. Two words come insistently: “France” and “rotation”. The first completely replaces the UMP-as in his political comeback in September the party’s name is not mentioned, the second shows the will to lead the campaign for the succession of François Hollande today.

Bruno Le Maire also has some antsy. In a very short -50 seconds video, he announced the continuation of the Tour de France started during the campaign for the presidency of the UMP, “I’ll meet you because I find in you a force, an energy, a will, exceptional generosity, which restore my confidence in France. ” And “my future”, could he add.

No Tour de France for Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet , focused on Paris. The defeated candidate in municipal capital devoted to a very large part of his wishes. Not to mention after two minutes remain mysterious about its future intentions. “We need to reinvent our old system At this reinvention, I would spend all my energy in 2015.”

The other frames (Fillon, Bertrand) had not shared their vows this December 31, by mid-afternoon. But one can imagine that they will incorporate a formula like this: “Thank you to all the French who have shown me their affection and support every day Together in 2015, we will continue working to the recovery of France..”

The UDI is not far behind. As the UMP, the vows are an opportunity to display his ambitions. Jean-Christophe Lagarde slips a note on the primary that allowed him to be elected president of the centrist party, thanking its competitors Yves Jégo and Hervé Morin. But not a word about Jean-Christophe Fromantin. Hervé Morin, he chose not to mention he lost the primary greeting and wishes for 2015 and 2016. As for François Bayrou, it is in Pau. And it shows.


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