Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A pickup truck bearing down on the Christmas market in Nantes: 10 injured – TF1

A pickup truck bearing down on the Christmas market in Nantes: 10 injured – TF1

The Christmas market was immediately closed and the area was cordoned off. A pickup truck collided with pedestrians on Monday shortly before 19h Place Royale evening at Nantes , confirmed the police the information disclosed by Ocean Press . According to the site, firefighters during surgery.

At least ten people were injured, five seriously, said the Loire-Atlantique prefecture. The vehicle has also been severely affected and there is no religious state in the claim, according to a close source. “We can not talk about an act of terrorism” but an “isolated case” according to the first elements of the investigation, said the public prosecutor of Nantes.

A life is involved among the wounded

The wounded were evacuated to hospitals. The prognosis of one of them is engaged. Police on LCI detailed the circumstances of the tragedy: the man “came to rest in a Christmas market shed.” “He locked himself in and tried to end his days with a small knife,” said a police official. In a statement, the Interior Ministry says that the driver has carried “multiple stab wounds.” Witnesses spoke one or two stab wounds in the chest, said Reuters. Other sources speak of nine shots.

VIDEO. “A deliberate act” for the Ministry of Interior


” The person was bleeding from the stomach, she fainted and fell on the passenger seat, “said Luc Pieto on LCI, a lawyer whose offices overlook the site. He said “people have given kicks on the car” once she found herself at a standstill.

The man was known to police, “for minor facts,” said the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, without being able to give more time information on the reasons for this gesture. According to the prosecutor, it is aged about 35 years and is a native of Charente-Maritime, where the vehicle is registered he used. The Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, was to go there in the evening.

VIDEO. “The person was bleeding from the stomach”


“Nantais From memory, I have never known such an act,” said on LCI François de Rugy, president of the environmental group in the Assembly national, native to the region. He explains that this is “a controlled access street, reserved for residents and traders”, “is something extremely shocking.”

VIDEO. “It is extremely shocking” to François de Rugy


The Socialist Mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland, citing the “tragic events” expressed his “deepest emotion.” The former prime minister and former mayor of Nantes (PS) Jean-Marc Ayrault reacted to the tragedy on his Twitter account: “Faced with this senseless violence, solidarity and support to the victims.” Sunday unbalanced man, regularly hospitalized psychiatric unit since 2001, had dark car on passers in Dijon, injuring thirteen people shouting “Allah Akbar”. A “Ministerial Meeting” will be held around Manuel Valls Tuesday morning at Matignon to “take stock” of this series of dramas “préocuppe” the Prime Minister.

VIDEO. “A book will be investigated” according to the prosecutor


VIDEO. A trader tells


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