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A Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Holland continues his tour of the addition … – The World

A Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Holland continues his tour of the addition … – The World

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Francois Hollande during a visit to the castle of Chambord (Loir-et-Cher) on 19 December.

That a president travel to Saint Pierre and Miquelon, it is already rather unusual. There go the day before Christmas story more. What can grow well Hollande to move, Tuesday, December 23, for a tour of twenty-four hours in this small archipelago located about twenty kilometers from the southern coast of Newfoundland (Canada)?

First answer: the worship of our national memory. On 24 December 1941, the naval forces of Free France, led by Admiral Emile Muselier and Alain Savary, took control of the islands placed under the rule of the Vichy regime since the debacle of June 1940. Consulted, residents declared themselves overwhelmingly for rallying to General de Gaulle. Mr. Holland will celebrate the 73 th anniversary of the event.

Several local politicians had expressed the wish he was there for such an occasion, especially Karine Claireaux, Mayor (PS) in the municipality of Saint-Pierre and senator, and Annick Girardin, who was MP (PRG) of the archipelago, before being appointed Secretary of State for Development and Francophonie in the government of Manuel Valls. The head of state is also expected to make announcements on “social issues” , says his entourage. They could concern the pension calculation and payment of benefits (housing assistance).


Before Mr. Holland, only three heads of state, under the V th Republic had walked this piece of France anchored da …


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