Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow and ice. 15,000 people were hosted that night – Ouest-France

Snow and ice. 15,000 people were hosted that night – Ouest-France

The flow remains difficult in the 12 departments is placed in “orange alert” snow and ice. “We have no estimate of the number of people who spent the night in their car” , said a spokesman for the Savoie prefecture, but knows that Saturday night, 15,000 vehicles were blocked because of bad weather. “No distress situation was signaled” , but “sensitive situations because of nervousness” .

130 km in ten hours

“130 km is just made in 10 hours» says Kevin Clavel, a motorist stuck on a Savoyard road towards 01:00. “The toll does not respond, it is completely saturated, no info on shelters. We just heard on the radio that was going to have to turn around at the toll it’s really anything. “ According to the prefecture, most of the travelers, however, was supported in emergency shelters whose occupancy rate reached almost 100%. “There were 83 shelters open” , said Sunday on Europe 1 the transport minister, Alain Vidal.

The continuing difficulties on the road

Sunday morning in Albertville, in one of the centers where the atmosphere was good child, the first tourists resumed the road stations from 5:00. The eyes swollen with fatigue, a Parisian family says he put 18 hours to connect the capital to Albertville with 7:00 to go 50 km between Chambéry in the former host city of the Olympic Winter Games 1992 “Finally vacation” , welcomed the family before hitting the road. Early Sunday morning, Traffic monitoring, however, still reported disruptions and delays, especially in the Alps. “The traffic conditions are already very tough on Maurienne and Tarentaise sectors” , said the Savoie prefecture advising to postpone his departure in the day.

Wholesale caps to the ski resorts

According to a photographer of the AFP, the road from Albertville to Moutiers was already saturated in the early morning. “One of the problems that aggravated the situation yesterday (Saturday), it is the presence in the flow of vehicles, not equipped vehicles sanction chain. This is still present this morning, so we asked to vehicles that are not equipped to not hit the road for the time and stay in the reception centers “, said Mr Vidal, who pointed “collective behavior problem” . “The vast majority of vehicles are equipped (chains) but those who are not creating disturbance” , he felt, while welcoming the work of mobilized personnel meet these “difficult situations” . The incompetence of these car drivers without the proper equipment conjugated to heavy snow and an unexpected episode o f freezing rain caused a Black Saturday for motorists in this crossover weekend (60,000 vehicles advertised in the day, in both directions of movement, in Savoy which nearly 37,000 alone Tarentaise valley).


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