Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Roybon, the work of the Center Parcs suspended – Liberation

A Roybon, the work of the Center Parcs suspended – Liberation

The court gave Wednesday due to fishermen against the Isère prefect clearing activities of wood Avenières in the massif Chambaran (Isère), a prelude to the construction of a Center Parcs, will not resume anytime soon. They had already been suspended since early December, due to physical opposition from environmental activists occupying the site where they have created a zone defense (ZAD). 40 hectares had been cleared before surgery. The Pierre et Vacances leisure group has to build here in the municipality of Roybon, a resort of 200 hectares, a thousand cottages and tourist complex organized around a “tropical bubble” housing pools and lush vegetation.

Doubts. Problem, half of the way area of ​​the complex, located in the heart of an important watershed consists of sensitive wetlands . Despite the unfavorable findings of the commission of inquiry mandated under the Water Act on the project, the Isère prefect had signed on October 3 a decree authorizing the start of clearing, holding that Pierre et Vacances had provided satisfactory answers to the criticisms. Fishermen (Federation of Drôme and Regional Union) had another analysis: they had asked the court to suspend the prefectural emergency. The judge of the Grenoble Administrative Court followed them, setting “that probably existed on the legality of the decision because of the lack of referral to the National Commission for public debate [...] compulsory for tourist facilities which the estimated cost exceeds 300 million euros. “ The judge took into account the cost of the entire project (387 millio n), not just one of the only work authorized under the Act water. He also expressed doubts “on the adequacy of the measures in the order to compensate for the destruction of wetlands qu’entraînera the project.” However, he rejected three other application for a stay filed against the prefect by fishermen, environmentalists Federation (Rhône-Alpes nature protection) and people opposed to the project (the association without Chambaran For Center Parcs PCSCP) under the protection of protected species. A Roybon, advocates of the project, local elected head, feeling the pinch. The project, to create jobs and generate tax revenues, is expected: they were nearly 2,000 pro-Center Parcs protesters in the village, on December 14, at the call of the association Living in Chambaran . This last Wednesday denounced a “ecological terrorism” .

huts. Other premises are opposed to the project ; they remained cautious Wednesday at the Bertrand image, Roybonnais of PCSCP: “The judge’s decision is reasonable: the extremely tense situation prevailing in the village, it’s positive to take the time to analyze head rested on file. It was necessary to appease the climate. “ In Avenières the zadistes declare victory. They multiplied the facilities these days, huts and platforms suspended in trees, ready to spend the holidays there. But for them, nothing is guaranteed: Administrative Justice merely suspend the prefectural authorities and should consider the substance of the applications for annulment of associations. Verdict expected “by the end of June 2015″ . Pierre et Vacances, which plans an appeal, was said Wednesday night “legitimate to continue clearing.”

From our correspondent in Grenoble François Carrel


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