Friday, September 26, 2014

A prisoner who escaped dramatically in Nantes … – Release

A prisoner who escaped dramatically in Nantes … – Release

A prisoner who escaped in a violent and spectacular, during a medical transfer to Nantes in November 2013, was caught Thursday night in Utrecht in the Netherlands, a- was learned Friday from the General Directorate of National Police (NPD) French.

Stephan Goetz, 27, was arrested after a “close and good cooperation between services local judicial police “and the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (OClO) of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) French, do we have the same source. It is the local police who arrested him, the French were present as observers.

It was, according to preliminary results of the investigation, a refugee in Utrecht, a university town surrounded by canals, shortly after the incident that he had “contacts” and “drop points” and where he was detained again on Friday morning “while waiting for his extradition to France,” Has it the same source stating that it is the subject of a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for the escape.

“The investigation and surveillance lasted several months and have targeted former inmates” of the escapee “and his knowledge of the drug trafficking” which is presumed to be a “specialist seasoned” as the source of the NPD.

In this regard, said the same source, he “lived and continued this activity” of his place of retreat in the Netherlands. It was hosted by alleged accomplices in a “profitable business” which remains to establish the details of which he was one of the alleged leaders. “He’s a dangerous” and “professional,” which was therefore “suspicious”, also said the source. He had done jail time after being convicted of drug trafficking, according to NPD.

The French police had launched shortly after the escape, an appeal for witnesses to find Stephen Goetz, with diffusion his picture. He was convicted in 2012 for attempted murder – which he called – and indicted for a second attempt on a fellow prisoner. This man had parted company so violent and spectacular, November 27, 2013, three guards who had brought him to the hospital in Nantes to a radio from his ankle.

Armed with a cutter, he had injured all three, two of them requiring hospitalization without their prognosis is engaged.

In solidarity with their colleagues injured prison officers had to Nantes time temporarily blocked access to the prison.

The Attorney Christiane Taubira had said his ministry would “shed light on the conditions under which” the inmate penitentiary in Nantes had fled.



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