Monday, September 22, 2014

Juppe provides a “bitter dispute” if the primaries were the UMP … – The World

Juppe provides a "bitter dispute" if the primaries were the UMP … – The World

Alain Juppe 19 September 2014

If it says “sensitive to the kind words” that Nicolas Sarkozy was to him on Sunday – “[It is] a partner, a friend, a companion. I need him, “, launched the former president – Alain Juppe caters warnings. Especially against the temptation of the future president of the UMP to remove the primary organization that must elect a presidential candidate in 2017

Read our decryption. Sarkozy, Juppé, Fillon: the battle of 2017 is launched UMP


“It would be a point of bitter conflict “, prevents one who has already declared his candidacy in this election designation. Mr Juppé, primary right should absolutely join the UMP and the center. “I know very well that many UMP activists do not understand that I want to work with the modem, as they always have in the craw of the position Bayrou during the presidential election [ François Bayrou called for a vote for Hollande in the second round]. Yes, he made a mistake. But today, its position in relation to the socialist government is clear, “, says the mayor of Bordeaux.

” The purpose of these primaries, c ‘ is open to our partners in the center so that there is only one candidate for president in 2017 (…) L division could cause a second round between the Socialist candidate and M me Le Pen. “

Also, Alain Juppe, who the winner of the primary will be the next head of state, expected ” on this point the commitments of the various presidential candidates of UMP “, namely Nicolas Sarkozy, Bruno Le Maire and Hervé Mariton.


“Nicolas Sarkozy will not make the primary alone, it will not work. If the goal is to pass the 175,000 UMP activists, it’s not worth it, they have done so in December “, for the party presidency, he continues.

In addition, when asked about Sarkozy’s television appearance Sunday, Juppe says “you never really changes. It may improve or deteriorate, your mileage may vary “. Sign, as already stated the Mayor of Bordeaux Sunday “the game for 2017″ has begun.


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