Friday, September 26, 2014

Sarkozy: “There will be primary to the UMP” – Les Echos

Sarkozy: "There will be primary to the UMP" – Les Echos

A Lambeth, in the North, Nicolas Sarkozy has tried to ride the anti-hollandisme prevailing in France. He called the UMP to stop “bickering ego”

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After requesting a minute of silence for the French hostage executed in Algeria, Hervé Gourdel, Nicolas Sarkozy Thursday began a very strong speech against the current president of the Republic. A Lambeth northern stronghold of Marc Philippe Daubresse, the presidential candidate of the UMP, who held his first campaign rally, was cheered by a crowd chanting his name. Collection of his main statements.

• Holland to the exercise of power

Nicolas Sarkozy hopes to surf the anti-hollandisme. “For two years, I attended silent and sad at the destruction of all that we had done because it was not a socialist,” is he protested. Claiming to have no “fascination with revenge,” the presidential candidate of the UMP still punctuated his speech with violent charges against François Hollande. Denouncing “behaviors that lower the public debate,” he exclaimed, “what is left of the great President Moi? “” The left in power is reactionary, “Has he said, citing” ideological blindness “socialists.

• The restructuring of the UMP

Presidential candidate of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy said he wanted to end “the quarrels of ego.”

Primary UMP

“There will be primary to the UMP, who could doubt that it was otherwise? Has it been forgotten my temper? “Has he said. “I now want you no more about it. “

• Gay marriage

” Homophobia is unacceptable insult, “said Nicolas Sarkozy, who declined to decide the issue of marriage for all. “We will decide together,” assured the former head of state. Nicolas Sarkozy also said he would not hurt by his words, “even if I happened to do it.”

• Unemployment

Nicolas Sarkozy wants the hiring in the public service no longer be made automatically with “the rule of status for life.” It is also “not acceptable” that the unemployed “refuses a paid activity.” Nicolas Sarkozy offers consulting the French population on the RSA to require those who touch it to practice “consideration” an “activity in the service of the community.”

• Relations with Germany

” I was ashamed to hear some leaders ask Germany to go slower (…). Place the French genius is to be leading the pack of great nations, not to ask pitifully slow average pace. “

Shale Gas

” I prefer the principle of responsibility to that of caution. ” “I can not accept that France can not take advantage of this new energy while there are so many unemployed”

The National Front

Sarkozy “condemns the outrageous and objective between the FN and SP alliance.” “Madame Le Pen in 2012 gave a famous hand to his friend François Hollande.” For yesteryear, “it is absurd to make moral lessons” to voters who voted for the FN, “their choice is the result of disappointment, fear, suffering.”

• Economic Policy

“Everything should be reviewed thoroughly,” warned Sarkozy. “Abandon the old moons of the class struggle, the witchcraft trials of the love of the rich. (..) If we distribute what we did not produce, if we promise that one has not bothered to create, it will be unemployment “.He even mentioned” drain young people. ” “By dint of insecure entrepreneurs were discouraged those who wanted to create,” he has added to the address of the Socialists.


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