Friday, September 26, 2014

Sarkozy begins in the North a “long march” with 2017 … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Sarkozy begins in the North a "long march" with 2017 … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Lambeth (France) (AFP) – Nicolas Sarkozy Thursday began a “long march” “in the service of France,” with 2017 in sight, at its first public meeting since his bid for the Presidency UMP at Lambeth (North), upscale suburb of Lille.

“My dear friends, it is a long walk we will start together in the service of France,” said the former president before an enthusiastic crowd of 4,000 to 5,000 people according to organizers, going far beyond the gym in the city of the centrist UMP Marc-Philippe Daubresse.

“Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas!”, “President Sarkozy “The new presidential candidate of the UMP was hailed by his supporters, beginning his speech with a call for national unity and a minute of silence in tribute to the” martyrdom “of Hervé Gourdel, hostage French executed in Algeria

The political component started right after. “If you knew how happy I am to see you,” he was moved two and a half years after his defeat in the second round Presidential face Francois Hollande.

The latter, which has implemented the “systematic destruction of everything we did,” was the subject of criticism. “Mr. Holland a lie” directly accused Mr. Sarkozy said that feeling in the country “a dull anger.” “The Presidency called normal? Imagine what it would have been if it had not been,” said he quipped.

The former president quickly donned the costume of a candidate for UMP promising his internal opponents worried, “primary”, without elaborating, to designate the party’s candidate for president in 2017 “A do I forgot my temper?” Mr. Sarkozy had fun , leaving the written text of his speech.

In absolute apostle rally as France 2 on Sunday, Sarkozy cited the names including Alain Juppé and François Fillon, its most serious competitors for 2016 , saying: “We will need” them after November 29, when the first round of the election to the UMP

But soon, Mr. Sarkozy returned to the stage. after and national policy. “Everything should be reviewed thoroughly,” warned the former president.

In front of his campaign team, lately rallied as Gerald Darmanin and Laurent Wauquiez MPs or MEPs as historical sarkozystes Brice Hortefeux or Nadine Morano, the former president spoke of “tax the future”, “migration of our youth”, “merit belittled”, “competition” that “rages.”

Lambeth has enabled it to respond his opponents who accused him of a return form than substance

Proposal landmark. that France “advantage” of shale gas, whose operation has yet been prohibited by a law passed in UMP his five years

-. Entry “in the atmosphere” –

“It will take more work,” assured Mr. Sarkozy, referring at times to tone it had adopted during his successful 2007, but also France of “merit” campaign stop at least partially to the “status life” of officials, reduce their number, emphasis on “homework” unemployed

Other targets, this time recalling the 2012 campaign, the “politicization of the unions,” immigration that which runs the “risk of explosion of our social model,” his request again formulated ” . refound Schengen “

The former president insisted his desire to practice the referendum which he had not yet used during his five years and proposed two: on reducing the number of MPs and the merger of councils and regional councils.

On the issue of gay marriage, which divides up his supporters, Sarkozy proposed a “debate” but it should not decide the issue during the primaries, according to its spokesman Gerald Darmanin.

He also targeted “a clear responsibility in the current disaster,” the patron saint of the FN, Marine Le Pen, as surveys put the second round in If presidential. In his constituents who have left for the FN, Sarkozy detailed his “strategy for (the) reconquer”: “correct the mistakes we made”

“This is the capsule. astronaut who returns to the atmosphere, “Mr Darmanin Tuesday amused by imagining the atmosphere of the meeting

On the ground, his rivals have already developed their lines.” Blame officials, unions, elected officials, the elites, the system in general: dredge the FN by Sarkozy … or already Junction “? tweeted MP PS Hautes-Alpes Karine Berger.


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