Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Darmanin, spokesman for Sarkozy’s UMP, still supports … – La Voix du Nord

Darmanin, spokesman for Sarkozy's UMP, still supports … – La Voix du Nord

Xavier Bertrand, who is not running for president of the UMP, “ I spoke extremely properly (…). (It) is still my candidate Primair e “in 2016, said Gerald Darmanin, Nicolas Sarkozy officially designated Monday as his spokesman in a tweet.

In fact, he has said “ Nicolas Sarkozy is not a presidential candidate” but the party presidency. “ He said ‘I do not ask anyone to choose’, 2017 is me far ,” said he explained, taking care separate the two maturities .

If Nicolas Sarkozy supports internal ballot for the UMP, it’s because the former president “ is very favorable to the primary course open and not riquiqui , “said the MP.

Nicolas Sarkozy is not afraid of the primary “Has he still ensured. “ He never expected to be sitting on a throne like a king, and that brings him hermin” .

A primary open to all French

The former mayor of Neuilly is according to his spokesman willing to organize, if elected at the head of the UMP, a “ Primary open to all French” . Mr. Darmanin sees “ proof of changemen” from Mr Sarkozy, who has long privately expressed misgivings on the subject.

would not have been a spokesperson for a candidate who does not want a primary. We must be collective. I am very attached to this gathering “ is still assured the mayor of Tourcoing.

rivals Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP for 2017 expressed concerns on the subject. In an interview with South West on Tuesday, the mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppe warns not to hold a primary if Mr. Sarkozy was elected president of the UMP would be “ a point of conflict hard”

Mr Darmanin Why did he not supported Bruno Le Maire? “ I do not say I did not hesitate. It is a question. I have a great relationship with him. He’s a quite respectable. But Nicolas Sarkozy has the energy and experience. Bruno Le Maire has not the weight of the experienc “ to gather the opposition, he said.


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