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The author of the martyrdom of Agnes Marin retrial on appeal – Europe 1

The author of the martyrdom of Agnes Marin retrial on appeal – Europe 1

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The body of Agnes Marin, 13, was found burned in November 2011 His killer and alleged rapist, Matthew, then aged 17, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance. It is retried starting Monday before the assizes minor Riom in the Puy-de-Dôme. Back on a trial and a case that caused a stir.

A single life sentence for a minor. Matthew, then aged 17, had joined the Cevennes college where Agnes was educated, under strict judicial control. The young man returned four months in custody for the rape at gunpoint of a comrade of 15 years, Julie, in the Gard, a year earlier. A case in which Matthew is retried in Riom. In June 2013, the Assize Court of minors Haute-Loire had gone beyond the 30 year prison sentence sought by the prosecution against the young man

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“This sentence does not make sense” A single life sentence today. for a minor, except that of Patrick Dils in 1989 for the double murder of Montigny-les-Metz, but acquitted in 2002 “This sentence does not make sense. This means that it is considered as a monster that should be eliminated, we did already forget about the prospect of this boy to heal and get better, “said one of the two lawyers, Ms. Isabelle Mimran ‘s appeal

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A trial in private session requested by the first victim This ten-day trial should be held. private session, the defense of Julie who agreed that the discussions will not be public about his client. The Marino family, who intends to denounce “the dysfunction of the judiciary”, cited the state for gross misconduct in the court of Paris. At the time of the first trial, the father of Agnes had requested that the hearing be held in public. “He killed as an adult, (…) I ask that the fifteen-day trial are public, this is the best transparency to see if there have been any failures,” said in June 2013 Frederic Marin, micro Europe 1:

17 stabbing November 16, 2011, Agnes Marin. Students in third in Secondary School Cevennes, private institution select Chambon-sur-Lignon, disappeared after an afternoon free. Extensive research was conducted, involving the participating Matthew. Soon the suspicions were strengthened this first grader, wearing scratches on his face.

Placed in custody on November 17, the young man, “cold and unemotional” according to prosecutors , ended up cracking and led the next evening investigators to a ravine in a forest near where the charred body of the young boarder lay. In addition to sexual violence, autopsy dénombrera seventeen stab wounds in the chest and head. His DNA was also found in a blood stain on the jeans worn by Matthew that day. The teen explained that he then drew his comrade in the forest on the pretext of picking hallucinogenic mushrooms.

 The author of the martyrdom of Agnes Marin retried on appeal

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Addicted narcotics. The personality of the accused, having an addiction to drugs, and by qualified experts boy “highly active and frightening evil traits” should again be at the heart of débats.Tout as flaws in the judicial review strict provided by the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ) Gard

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Verdict expected on October 10 Its leaders have always claimed that they were unaware of the exact nature of. charges against Matthew. Long shown an example for his teaching of tolerance and humanism, the Cevennes Secondary School closed its doors since July 11. The verdict is expected on October 10.


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