Monday, September 22, 2014

Sarkozy: a return that “needed” or “thirst for revenge”? – The World

Sarkozy: a return that "needed" or "thirst for revenge"? – The World

The former president Nicolas Sarkozy, at the Parc des Princes on 21 September.

MEP Rachida Dati ruled Monday that the return of Nicolas Sarkozy “needed” given the state of the UMP party ” has no political line “, she regrets . But M me Dati has given more to respond to the choice of Frederick Péchenard as campaign manager Nicolas Sarkozy “Nicolas Sarkozy knows this and also knows Mr. Péchenard. I find it’s a bad choice, now it’s his choice. They are friends, which act “ said on France Info that is said ” very comfortable “, Mr Sarkozy having him ” proposed to be part of . organization and his team “, she explains

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“It did not surprise me,” , the “approach is credible” and “diagnosis fair enough: France is desperate because power is very bad “, said on France Inter Jean-Pierre Raffarin , co-chair of the UMP. The work of Mr. Sarkozy, “This is the mobilization and quite frankly last night, he showed some energy to do this and what people want today is this force Service Credibility alternation “, said Mr Raffarin.

” I will fight against a strategy of divide “, has he however, insisted, pleading for primary “very open” . “You have to rally. I hope he hears this, “, has he said .

The president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen , says Nicolas Sarkozy “has not changed, and all the better.” She then said on RMC and BFM TV, she does not like “his immodesty, his insincerity” and “technical communication” it considers “today rejected by the French” “They no longer want it. “

The head of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis , sees the return of Nicolas Sarkozy a ‘revenge’ : “It is the heart resentment and revenge in mind , has he said Monday, Sept. 22 on RTL. The program he is, his record is another. He was a candidate for the presidency of the UMP for forty-eight he is already in the presidential election. “

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Yves Jégo , presidential candidate of the UDI, has meanwhile said Monday on RMC that he intends to enter the CSA.

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