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Senate: First failovers right seats – The World

Senate: First failovers right seats – The World

The Luxembourg Palace.

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  • Three seats taken by the UMP and the UDI

Corrèze , UDI Daniel Chasseing has already snatched one of the two socialist seats, taking 51.7% of the vote in the first round. The Socialist Mayor of Tulle Bernard Combes, can still hope to save the PS headquarters in the second round, facing the second candidate of the UMP, Claude Nougein.

Belfort UMP Cedric Perrin took advantage of the departure of Senator Jean-Pierre CHEVENEMENT to flip left this department since 1980

Read light (subscriber edition).: Chevenement Bel, Poncelet leave the Palais du Luxembourg

Same scenario Corse-du-Sud , where the UMP Jean-Jacques Panunzi took advantage of the disunity of the left radical departure from Senator Nicolas Alfonsi to win handily, with 86% of votes.

In his stronghold of Vienna , former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, candidate for President of the Senate, was re-elected comfortably with 59.6% of votes, like his colleague Alain Fouché UMP.

The former Budget Minister Francois Baroin has meanwhile risen to the challenge by being elected as a department of Dawn , which is a member since 2012 so he will resign from the National Assembly, causing partial legislation.

The first round began at 8: 30 pm in the 35 metropolitan departments with small populations, who are entitled to one or two senators (60 in total), and where voting takes place by majority vote. Will close at 11:00. The second round will take place between 15 h and 17 h 30 30.

9:00, and up to 15 hours, it will be the 23 most populous departments, where senators are elected by proportional representation vote. In these more populated departments elect three senators and older, or 119 seats, men and women must alternate on the lists.

are the only senatorial elections for which voting is compulsory in France, on pain a fine of 100 euros. A total of 87,534 electors (representatives of local councils, MPs, district and regional councilors) are involved in this election that renews 178 348 seats in the Senate. Among those leaving, 58 decided not to seek reelection.

This year, the senators are renewed included, in alphabetical order departments, where Ain (01) and Indre (36) then between the Bas-Rhin (67) and the Yonne (89), excluding those of the Ile-de-France, as well as Senators of Guyana, French Polynesia, Saint Barthélemy, Saint-Martin and islands Wallis- and Futuna. To this list is added the headquarters of Jean Arthuis (Mayenne), who resigned following his election to the European Parliament in May, and six senators representing French outside France.

  • Hope for the right and the FN

While the Upper House was passed to the left for the first time in the history of the V th Republic in its last partial renewal in 2011, it could go right back Sunday after the blue wave of municipal midterm Hollande.

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The National Front, reinforced by its electoral success in the last municipal, also hopes to win for the first time, one or two seats

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