Friday, September 26, 2014

To a bankruptcy filing for the nursery Baby Wolf? – Francetv info

To a bankruptcy filing for the nursery Baby Wolf? – Francetv info

For five years, the crib Baby Wolf is at the heart of the debate between secularists and religious freedom. The property was dismissed for gross misconduct in 2005 an employee who refused to remove her veil at work. But if this case could still know legal twists, the story of the manger could she soon end. The structure, now located in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), is about to file for bankruptcy, according to information from Figaro , Friday, Sept. 26.

because : change of mayor in the last municipal elections. Previous municipality had planned left in Budget 2014 to allocate EUR 400 000 to the associative crib that is 80% dependent public funding. But the new mayor UMP Laurent Brush, not the intend to honor that commitment. He will not submit to a vote of councilors allowance of € 90,000.

The elected official says the “promise” of its predecessor “no basis” . He explained that the commitment in a letter, was not endorsed by a vote of the council. “For us, the issue is not secularism but equity with other nurseries Conflans, including municipal crèches”, justifies elected. But Natalia Baleato, the warden warns: “Less than 000 euros from 300 of the Town Hall, we can no longer work.”

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