Saturday, September 27, 2014

Senate elections Sunday in a vote both national and local – LaDépê

Senate elections Sunday in a vote both national and local – LaDépê



 The Senate Chamber.

                             The Senate Chamber.


The Senate election will take place tomorrow. It could work to the advantage of the line will benefit from his victory in the municipal elections. But in several departments, the personality of the candidates will play more than the party label.

Cosy, senatorial campaign concludes as the election to renew half of the seats in the assembly will be High tomorrow. Logically the Senate should switch back to the right, which would be the third electoral setback left this year after the local and European.

This is indeed the result of municipal is decisive for these Elections: Senators are elected indirectly by an electoral college representing 95% of the municipalities. “Municipal are the first round of Senate,” they said in the Upper House.

However, the political label is not everything in this kind of election. In some departments, candidates firmly planted on the ground, close to the mayors, can hold their own game, then they do not belong to the right wing opposition. In the Senate, the experience is as important as party affiliation.

A total of 348 senators, 178 senators in half the departments will be renewed by a panel of 87,500 electors. Note that voting is compulsory.

Six months after the defeat of Municipal, “the climate has worsened,” Judge a Socialist heavyweight in the Senate. “In addition to the national situation, politicians are cooled by the territorial reform, the school timetables or declining financial resources of communities.” Just to the right to win seven seats for a majority. Jean-Pierre Bel has announced his side that he renounced politics. Furthermore Gérard Larcher, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin UMP, President Guillaume Didier PS group, the UMP Senator Philippe Marini and centrist Nathalie Goulet vying for the moment his estate. The election of the President of the Senate will be held on October 1.


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