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Nicolas Sarkozy, back and already hiccups – Le Nouvel Observateur

Nicolas Sarkozy, back and already hiccups – Le Nouvel Observateur

The start could not have been more difficult. Soon back on the political scene, Nicolas Sarkozy is already facing new developments on the legal front, and especially in the early hiccups even within his bodyguards. Overview of bad news for the former head of state.

Business, always business

The recorded conversations between Thierry Herzog, Nicolas Sarkozy and Gilbert are Azibert clear about their intentions, and their words do not raise question about their willingness and expectations. [...] These facts constitute influence peddling, which recalled, provides for the real or perceived influence. “

” Do you think that if I had any thing against me, I would come to expose myself in a return to politics? “, launched Sunday night Nicolas Sarkozy on the set of 20 hours of France 2 While several folders Court, in which is quoted former head of state, are still ongoing, the case said Listens experiencing a new twist on Tuesday. “ Enable” France 3 and France Inter released a damning police report for the former president.


The report that overwhelms Nicolas Sarkozy

This document and several police records clearly establish the facts of bribery for which the former head of state, and his lawyer Thierry Herzog, were indicted last July. If Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to forget the spectrum of business hanging over him, he missed.

Darmanin, a spokesman variable loyalty

Xavier Bertrand remains my candidate in the primary. “

There have been more supportive. Gerald Darmanin well be the new spokesman Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign for the presidency of the UMP, Xavier Bertrand he still supports for primary for president in 2017

If Nicolas Sarkozy supports internal ballot for the UMP, it’s because the former president “is very favorable to the primary course open and not itty bitty,” says UMP deputy mayor of Tourcoing (North). A somewhat short to justify this support variable geometry. Not sure if Nicolas Sarkozy, who on Monday welcomed his new Twitter spokesman, appreciates explanation.

I must say that since May 2012, Xavier Bertrand had no words strong enough to set the policy of the former head of State. “Nicolas Sarkozy was not up to the requirement of truth and results,” and let go in June the former Minister of Labour.

Marriage for All: NKM or Wauquiez, who is right

Go back, I do not want it at all, “said Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet
I want it repealed the Taubira law, “argues Laurent Wauquiez.

If re-elected in 2017, Nicolas Sarkozy a Does brogera -there Taubira law authorizing same-sex marriage? The immediate former president refuses to settle. Unless it is not a strategy to maintain blur and settle all its supporters. Because the least we can say is that they do not all think the same about this societal thorny subject.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet r este true to its original position and reiterated this morning on BFMTV his hostility to a repeal of the law His colleague, Laurent Wauquiez, very advanced in the fight against the text in 2013, calls for a total challenging the law. With this lack of consistency in his team, Nicolas Sarkozy risks losing support, both pro and anti gay marriage.

Dati, support sulking

“Péchenard I think it’s a bad choice.”

In the galaxy Sarkozy, Rachida Dati is always prominently . But the former Minister of Justice may well always support her champion, she does not hesitate to say what she thinks of the new team around his favorite. In particular his campaign manager, Frederick Péchenard.


Frédéric Péchenard, the monk-soldier Sarkozy

Asked about the appointment, Monday on France Info, Rachida Dati called a “bad choice” promoting former top cop of France. Why? “Nicolas Sarkozy knows and Frederic Péchenard also [...] He does not know me well me, he does not know my secrets. Moi I know his family at all events,” replied, very mysterious, the former minister .

William Stoll – Le Nouvel Observateur


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