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Sarkozy on TV tonight, Act 2 of his return – Payment

Sarkozy on TV tonight, Act 2 of his return – Payment

No doubt that Nicolas Sarkozy will scrutinize carefully the viewing figures of his television this Sunday night. The former President is judged by the applause. How many viewers have watched her face to face with Laurent Delahousse? More than the press conference Hollande Thursday he welcomed the poor figures in the ratings? How many “friends” have “like” his Facebook page

Car maintenance without waiting forty minutes on France 2 – the second act of his return – Sarkozy was this weekend , very pleased with himself. Facebook Friday’s bomb would have had the desired effect: “In one day, I gained more new friends Juppe and Fillon met,” he exults in The Journal Sunday , welcoming the “first success” this “long march that begins” .

His candidacy for president? In “another time”

The former head of state knows it can rely on its ability to capture intact the media attention. But his plans to return, Sarkozy was initially set itself the task to rebuild his “political family.” Also do not he plans to announce his candidacy today for president “another time”

the bet -. and Sarkozy will try to show tonight – is to instill the idea that the rescue of the UMP is not a minor task, and that even if his Elysian mentioned are not in doubt, do not neglect it. “Caring internally before the external, the principle applies com in business, in politics,” summarizes a close.

His bodyguards, at the exit of its Street offices Miromesnil this weekend, assured after-sales service. NKM emphasizes the goal “rebuild a rally” word “that sounds Gaullist” in his ears. And no matter, according to his team, if a first CSA poll for BFM TV, found that 61% of the French disapprove of his decision to run for the head of the UMP (1). “40% of French favor, it’s already a very good score. For now, Nicolas Sarkozy focused on the conquest of the UMP, “ returns Péchenard Frederick, his campaign manager. Especially since the competitor Herve Mariton and Bruno Le Maire will not settle for a facelift but hopes to rebuild the UMP “top to bottom” in three month: change name, absorbing center, recruit en masse. In short, the development of a war machine in his hand to regain power. And behind those who say the challenge “. If I manage this new formation, they can not catch me”

Juppe: “The challenge begins”

Its competitors have been busy this Sunday to prove they are not facing the would bend ‘tsunami’ Sarkozy . “I know the game has begun and the challenge begins,” is preparing Alain Juppe, called the Grand Jury on Europe 1 Candidate said from August 20 to the primary, Mayor of Bordeaux promises that he is not afraid – ‘ If I was afraid I would not do politics “and that he” will go to the end. ” As for François Fillon, who was attending a barbecue with his supporters Domont (Val-d’Oise), former Prime Minister wants to dismantle the myth of the providential man qu’incarnerait Sarkozy: “I do not worship saviors, but the cult of ideas. Today, the question is not who can beat Francois Hollande. At first, everyone. No, the question is how to bring the French and especially what to do. “

But to kill competition, Sarkozy will be careful to disfigure his warriors accents. From that night on France 2, he should employ a modest and unifying tone, ‘without arrogance or revenge “ as it sells the JDD, to appear as one who taken advantage sa – false – retreat to reflect on himself and get high. His entourage, which met Sunday afternoon for the final calibrations before JT – urged him to keep the spirit soothed his speech at the Mutuality, May 6, 2012 Frederick Péchenard also promises an effective campaign and sober” .

Does Hold the strategy “low profile” so little befitting his nature? Sarkozy, who continues far microphones rant over rivals, provides two trips per week to vote on 29 November, a first meeting Thursday at Lambeth (North). Certainly, the cameras come running many more, will not fail to note the former President, and to monitor Fillon or Juppe.

(1) Survey conducted online from 19 September 20, with a sample of 1,011 people aged 18 and over, by the quota method.


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